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The Makeup Lady

I have to read every ingredient on a bottle of facewash or moisturizer before committing to a purchase. It’s not that I’m concerned with what is in the bottle but more so if it will irritate my precious skin. You see, I’m a trouble Sensitive Skin lady and for years I have struggled with using the right products. Some break me out, some make my skin really red and some give me the slight appearance of hives. When allergy season hits, forget about it and just throw a mask on my face.  It took a laboratory type experiment and many months of trial and error to find the right products to use. If you’re a sensitive skin person like me, then keep reading. You will find some great and affordable products to try.

Simple Skin Care

simple skin care

No, I don’t just love this product line because Allison Williams is the beautiful spokesperson behind it. Rather, I like this skincare line because it doesn’t make my face go all crazy. When products contain too many ingredients my face starts to itch, gets blotchy and a mini disaster begins. Simple is gentle yet effective, especially the moisturizing facial wash. I really recommend the facial wipes when you’re having one of those lazy girl moments and don’t feel like fully washing your face.



When you think of a mineral makeup company you wouldn’t necessarily think of mineral skincare. But bareMinerals does and sensitive skin lovers flock to it. It was a new, “groundbreaking” concept when I worked there and it blew people’s minds Powder Cleanser? Powder Nighttime Treatment? Yes and yes! They have since expanded their line to include the more “traditional” cream moisturizers and cleansers. My personal preference is the original powder products. ActiveSoil Complex helps to reduce pore size,  improve skin texture and clean your skin all while being natural.



If you’re willing to spend a bit more, invest in philosophy. purity cleanser with a Clarisonic = heaven. I swear by hope in a jar all year round and it’s great because they have many different levels to choose from…the regular, dry skin and anti-aging night repair. If you’re not one to invest in full sizes before you try it out, then invest in one of their kits. They are affordable, contain a lot of goodies and you tend to get full sizes on most of the moisturizers and eye creams!



Do you have a thing for botanicals and earth friendly products? Origins is a company you will want to consider as they are 100% all natural and have certified organic ingredients, aside from the fact that they are also earth friendly. My skin typically freaks out when it hears the word “botanicals” but I’ve never had an issue with Origins. You must Must MUST get the No Puffery, Charcoal Pore Clearing Mask and the GinZin Eye Cream!  You will thank me later.

-Jamie of The Lady and The Beard