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Is anyone else having an off day? Everything seems totally out of whack. So here are things I love.

Romantic Sloth speaks for itself.

wasabi chan

Wasabi Chan!!!!!!! When I first read about Wasabi Chan and saw pics of her I basically cried every 5 minutes for days. I’m emotional. This kitty has been through so much and is crazy lovable. LOOK AT THOSE EYES! Check out Wasabi Chan’s Instagram.

Taylor Sterling's maternity style

I’m already a huge fan of Taylor Sterling’s Instagram (creator of Glitter Guide) but she’s the most stylish pregnant lady ever!

Taylor Sterling's maternity style pt 2

When I’m preggo I hope I look as good as Taylor here – she is glowing and lookin fit with the baby bump! She does cross-fit (even while pregnant) ANNNND she’s kept her style on point. That slip dress has become my new obsession. Must buy a simple slip dress.


This photo from Karlas Closet is so sexy. Her stance, her hair, the slightly unexpected outfit combo. I love it all.

Beachy hair lace top

Maybe it’s the hair on both these photos that make them so sexy. The undone look that still looks “done”. Ugh. Beautiful. Even though her style is simple, it’s sexy – a loose fit sheer white top, simple shorts, and random friendship bracelets.

BarreConcept – Ultimate 20 minute barre exercise workout

My friend Liana really wants me to do barre with her and I keep talking myself into it and then out of it. Honestly, I think it would be wonderful but I’m also really horrible at anything active so I’m scared of going. This past weekend I decided to try this 20 min workout in my living room just to see what barre was like. It kicked my ass. My hamstrings were sooo sore.


via: Autumn Recipes – Pho | Gourmet Traveller

Pho is my comfort food. I’ve eaten it more in the past year than I have in my entire life. It’s become a once or twice a week meal. Our go-to Pho place is Yummy Pho in Redmond and we pick up so often that they know Dan’s order.

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  • Jamie
    August 22, 2013

    I am just now seeing this post and glad I stumbled across it.

    Wasabi-Chan! The fact you posted a kitten on your page is HUGE :)

    Taylor Sterling – could not agree more. I want to look like that when I’m grown up and pregnant.

    Short sassy hair makes me miss mine :( but not too much

    Barre workouts – I do the same thing. a few months ago I pumped myself up to join and do an introductory class then never went. I’m a wimp.

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