Fancy Friday – J.Crew Jewelry

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Until I started this blog, I never really paid attention to how a brand’s style evolves over time. But now that I’m looking at retail sites all the time (I mean, all the time) I’ve started to notice the subtle changes that make pieces unique from year to year. J.Crew jewelry is a great example of this. I don’t know if I wasn’t paying attention or that they’ve really upped the game but J.Crew’s jewelry collection has all of a sudden become drool worthy. It’s been especially wonderful because I love anything gaudy or specifically Art Deco that reminds me of my mother and grandmother’s costume jewelry. The difference is that  many of these pieces, even with vintage vibes, have been modernized. From a statement necklace that uses a rope instead of a chain, to earrings with stones embroidered on pieces of fabric. But even the designs that aren’t super different from their vintage relatives are still relevant today and add personality to an outfit. I rarely wear jewelry, but even I want these pieces because they are that special.

J.Crew Spiky Rope Necklace

 J.Crew Honeybee Necklace

J.Crew Flower Drop Earrings

J.Crew Embroidered Jewel Earrings

J.Crew Crystal Baguette Bracelet

J.Crew Crystal Shimmer Bracelet