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Burgundy and berry accessories seemed like an important topic to cover for ‘How She’d Wear It’ this month. I’ve always shy’d away from accessories that aren’t neutral. I have this silly misconception that I should choose accessories that will go with everything over buying an accessory in a color I love that maybe clashes with a few pieces in my wardrobe. Well, let me emphasize how silly this little rule is because you can actually pick colored accessories, and I mean the big ones – bags and shoes, and have them fit wonderfully in your closet. It all depends on the season in which you make your purchase. If you own a lot of black then you’re set but that isn’t the only color you’re stuck with – burgundy and berry shades are great for a Fall wardrobe because they’re almost as versatile. Burgundy looks great with all neutrals, gold, blush, jewel tones, olive, so many shades of blue. What’s great about this color is that it pairs well with warm or cool colors on the color wheel so you have options. The bottom line? Don’t stick with neutral accessories if you don’t have to.

How She'd Wear It - burgundy with neutral outerwear

1. Zara Short Puffer Jacket

2. Sam Edelman ‘Kit’ Boot

3. Hunter Boots Original Gloss

4. Zara Duffle Coat with Fur Hood

Instead of your regular black or brown boot, why not try burgundy? They’re everywhere and since burgundy goes with so many colors it’s not a one note purchase. Black is an obvious choice for outerwear but like black or brown boots it’s an expected choice. Try the other neutrals – tan, gray, even a cargo jacket would look great with burgundy but know that all the neutrals will look great. Like a sand colored puffer jacket with burgundy booties or a gray toggle coat with a fur hood paired with Hunter boots in a berry shade.

How She'd Wear It - burgundy with navy dresses

1. J.Crew Seamed Crepe Dress

2. Zara Pointed Faux Patent Leather Court Shoe

3. J.Crew Heidi Gown in Silk Chiffon

4. Sam Edelman ‘Darla’ Pump

Berry Heels with Navy Dresses: At the MTV VMA’s I noticed both Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez wearing navy dresses with berry accents either in their nail polish or makeup. The navy + berry is the color combination for Fall/Winter 2013, especially for evening. Selena and Taylor went sexy with their evening looks but don’t be afraid to wear classic pieces with this combination, like a ladylike dress with court shoes.

How She'd Wear It - burgundy with emerald tops

1. Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Tote Mini

2. J.Crew Silk Ruffle Top in Beanstalk Stripe

3. J.Crew Collection Jade Foulard Top

4. J.Crew Goodwinn Purse

I didn’t want to limit this to just emerald because all jewel tones look fantastic with burgundy. Emerald is the color of the year which means there are still a ton of emerald options out there, especially darker colors showing up in stores for Fall. Don’t be afraid to pair a beautiful burgundy bag with a unique top in a jewel tone, whether it’s a silk ruffle blouse or thicker jacquard top. You can play with patterns as long as your bag isn’t in a competing pattern, so keep the bag simple but beautiful.

– Julia of Style and Cheek