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The Makeup Lady

We all know that The Beard is a hairstylist and sometimes I am fortunate enough to be in the know of the upcoming fancy new products. Sometimes he forgets and I learn about new things from Refinery29, and then the next day I magically receive new product on the bathroom counter! This exact moment happened last week when I read about the new Bumble and Bumble DrySpunFinish. It’s a new product in their thickening line, which I’m already obsessed with and add in the fact that it’s new…I HAD to have it.

Okay, so hair products aren’t really a “Makeup Lady” thing but in the realm of beauty products, it fits in. At the end of this post, you’ll thank me for doing this product review. Oh, and The Beard isn’t paying me or giving me side prezzies to do this post. It’s honestly all of my own opinions and thoughts, as always.

Bumble and Bumble Full Form Mousse and Thickening Spray

I’ve used the Full Form Mousse and Thickening Spray before and while I like them, there is just something missing. I struggle with thin hair problems and like my hair to have a little extra lift and volume. The longer it gets the thinner it starts to look and sometimes I look sick-ish. Not a good look. The mousse and spray give my hair that added volume but it comes with a cost – sticky after texture feel.  I constantly run my hands through my hair and I hate the feeling of my fingers getting caught as I’m brushing my bangs back. However, if I go with an updo or a curly look that needs hold and volume, those two products are amazing for that, in my honest nonprofessional opinion.

Enter the DrySpun Finish

Bumble and Bumble DrySpun Finish

I have heard a lot about the Oribe Texturizing Spray and while it’s supposed to be the best thing since Hairspray, I’m not allowed to have it due to the price and the fact that I overuse product. When I heard about the DrySpun Finish, The Beard knew instantly I had to try it, without me even having to ask.

Here’s how it works. It’s like a dry shampoo but without the funky build up feel, and it’s colorless! Dark haired ladies rejoice! You style your hair like normal, work section by section spraying at the root to give a little lift and hold. I personally do a spray or two all over when I curl my hair to give it that full, textured look. No sticky feel, no hard crispy hair but instead you’re left with full, voluminous hair with a really great smell. Seriously, the smell of this stuff is heaven and I would spray it on my body if I could. I even tried it this morning on my natural air dried curly hair to give it a more wavy, messy, beachy look.

I’m 100% honest when I say this is a MUST for everyone.  If you suffer from thin, lifeless hair, add this product into your mix. Your hair will thank you later.

– Jamie of The Lady and The Beard

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