Leather Accessories for Men that Won’t Make You Look Like Nicolas Cage

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Some people are brand obsessed. They live to wear logos from head to toe. A couple of my younger friends who I play basketball with take it to a different level – these guys are basically walking spokespeople for Nike. They own more brightly colored sneakers, socks, and shorts than they can count. Storing boxes of hot pink Hyperdunks in the trunk of their car, wearing Kobe VIs only for the 5 minute walk from the parking lot to the court, driving 4 hours to The Nike Company store in Beaverton, Oregon a few times a year – this is all NORMAL for these young’ns. They worship the Nike swoosh, and the Kobe and Jumpman logos.

But what about that remaining 10% of the time when they’re not in sweats or gym clothes? These fellas (fresh out of college mind you soooooo… wtf) are going just as nuts for designer and big name brand stylish clothes and accessories. And designer leather goods are where they seem to drop the most coin. How many Louis belts do you need???? Apparently the answer is “more.”

I’m a tad less of a hoarder and weeee bit more conservative than these flashy children, but I get the attraction. NOTE: I’m only 5 years older than them but that means that when I was starting college they were in 7th or 8th grade, so yeah they’re children, and no I don’t have a complex about getting old and wrinkly. I do not look like Tommy Lee Jones just yet. Anyway, leather smells and feels like how whiskey tastes, ie manly and delicious… this excludes patent leather which is an abomination and should be destroyed wherever it lives.  So to me spending money on a few high quality leather goods is smart. Leather is durable, luxurious, and makes you feel like an adult. If you’re a kid running around in workout attire all the time it makes a lot of sense that strapping on some high quality leather every once in a while will make you feel like you belong at the grown-ups’ table.

But let’s not go overboard, even though it is Leather Month on StyleandCheek.com. Draping yourself head to toe in dead Italian cow skin that costs more than 2 month’s rent is probably too much. Unless you’re a cowboy or WWE wrestler. Until recently I’ve been morally opposed to owning too much of any one label, and I basically abhor logos (Lacoste gets a pass on this for some reason, and yeah I know that makes me a douche but whatever), but I dunno maybe it’s the influence of these kids or Julia, but I’m kinda sorta ok with the idea of forking over several hundred dollars for something quality. So long as it has utility too. Here’s a little run down on a few quasi-essential name-brand leather examples to go blow those poker winnings on.

Leather Belts

Montblanc Contemporary Line Belts | Leather Accessories for Men

Montblanc Contemporary Line Belts

This is a pretty classic looking leather belt, but I like that the metal is muted. Upgraded standard belt for slacks and suits.

Leather Accessories for Men

Canali Leather Belt

Julia doesn’t get why I like textured leather…well, texture not only feels good, it has a little extra personality as well. Plus this belt looks like it would smell amazing. Is that weird?

Leather Accessories for Men

BOSS HUGO BOSS ‘Caberto’ Belt

This belt is a little thicker so you can use it to dress up a pair of dark-washed jeans. But yo, don’t tuck shirts into your jeans unless you’re going line dancing.

Leather Wallets

Gucci soho black leather money clip wallet | Leather Accessories for Men

Gucci Soho Black Leather Money Clip Wallet

Money clip wallets are very popular among my guy friends in their 30’s and above, who grew up in eras when carrying cash was necessary. I never carry cash but I still like this wallet. Pretty.

Leather Accessories for Men

Coach Bleecker Legacy Double Billfold Wallet in Leather

Standard utilitarian but classy, black wallet. Really can’t go wrong with the design or that price.

Coach Exotic Slim Billfold Wallet in Crocodile | Leather Accessories for Men

Coach Exotic Slim Billfold Wallet in Crocodile

Crocodile outside, Pink Cadillac inside???? Yesssssss

Leather Jackets

Leather Accessories for Men

John Varvatos Collection Suede Moto Jacket

It is impossibly hard to be a guy and wear a leather jacket and not look like a tool. Or like Nic Cage. Suede is a good bet to not look like your skin is about to melt off. Avoid spikey leather as well.

Leather Accessories for Men

AllSaints Track Leather Jacket

Modern but not too modern leather jacket. This jacket is very close to the Ryan Gosling zone, but so long as you don’t zip it up, you’ll be fine.

Leather Accessories for Men

AllSaints Griffin Leather Biker Jacket

Here is a biker jacket that could have worked in any era. Classic shape and style but sleek. One thing to remember about leather jackets is that the material won’t cling to you, so if you’re an in-between size you will look silly. Hold out for a jacket that really fits.

Love, Dan