The Perfect Hooded Trench – Calvin Klein Double Breasted Trench Coat

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Calvin Klein Double Breasted Trench Coat style and cheek

I’ve talked a lot about coats and jackets on the blog. Always searching for the perfect hooded jacket because for some reason there aren’t as many cute hooded jackets as there are non hooded ones. Which would be fine if I stopped being stubborn and used an umbrella, but our drizzly weather is fickle. One minute it could be only cloudy and suddenly you’re walking through a dense rainy mist that attacks your face from all angles. If you only need to get from one building to the next it’s nice to have something you can wear for a couple minutes to keep your hair from frizzing. My hair always gets frizzy right at the temples, like a dorky halo, so hoods are my thing. If I ever move away from Seattle, I hope to live somewhere where chic hoodless jackets can be the norm (or how about no jackets at all?) but that is not Seattle. :(

Right when fall decided to join us I realized I needed a jacket ASAP. The wool hooded coat I’ve been wearing since forever is hidden in the back of the closet  by a certain someone who says, “Julia, I’d rather have you freeze to death than let you wear this coat that makes you look like a child.” He has a point and thankfully, good taste. I’d like to say I picked out the Calvin Klein trench coat but no, it was Dan. We went to the mall after work on a mission to find me a jacket with a hood. Which by the way, if you live in Seattle, hop to it because last year all the cute, affordable jackets were snatched up fast. But anyway, with me dragging my feet through Nordstrom feeling already pessimistic about the options, Dan pulled me over to the trench area and hands me this:

Calvin Klein Double Breasted Trench Coat (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Calvin Klein Double Breasted Trench Coat (Nordstrom Exclusive)

This was the very first coat he picked out and I really didn’t want to try on any others. Dan realized that living out here, we rarely have days with temps lower than the mid-40s, even during winter, so I really don’t need a heavy winter coat to survive. So he looked for a hooded coat with a liner that will keep out the rain and be warm enough to see me through the winter ahead. This lovely not only fit wonderfully, it was really affordable – it’s a classic and classy black trench that also makes me feel like a badass. Not like Neo in The Matrix, more like Sandra Bullock in The Proposal. This doesn’t mean that I will ever stop drooling over Burberry’s wool coats, because let’s face it they’re spectacular, but at least now I can step out into winter’s nasty cold wetness feeling warm and comfy.

Check out these other Calvin Klein trench options. My friend Kate loves her hooded belted trench.

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