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The Makeup Lady

I’ve discussed fall beauty transitions and new products, but failed to mention nails. Nails and nail art are still a big deal and shouldn’t be passed over lightly. We all know a polish change can turn your mood around and finish off a look. So let’s dive into nail trends, shall we?

When shopping for your next nail color keep in mind that the sky is the limit! Seriously, anything goes this season and there is no stopping your creativity. Gel, matte, contrasts, glitter…pick what you want and go for it.

Here are some great go to products depending on the look you want to achieve.

fall nail trends

– butter LONDON – my personal favorite go-to brand.  The variety, the texture, and the creative names get me every time. Try Bramble with a top coat of Matte Finish for a shine free look.

– Deborah Lippmann – if you want staying power and glitter, DL is the brand to invest in. Create a textured contrast look using Shake Your Money Maker on all of your fingers, except one of your choice, then finish off that nail using Laughin To The Bank.

– Ciaté – this brand is known for their caviar manicure. No, not real caviar but tiny colored pearls to help create a textured, candy look on your nails. My personal favorite is the Tutti Fruitti Sugar Manicure because it looks like an edible rainbow on your nails.

– Ciaté – I just had to add another one in from Ciaté because of how fun this is. I recently saw an Instagram pic via Coco Rocha using the new Chalkboard Manicure. I don’t know about you but this looks like so much fun!

– JINsoon – I’ve become a recent fan of JINsoon after seeing they won an Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award. It’s voted on by consumers, just like u,s so I knew it had to be something. Nostalgia is THE best nude color that I have been searching for all my life. Top it off by using some Pearls & Gems courtesy of Nordstrom to bling out your finger(s).

– Jamie of The Lady and The Beard

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