Key Chains under $100

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Last year, tassel key chains and key fobs were all the rage. I saw them on so many wishlists, I even put a couple on my own wishlist, even though I didn’t really need a key chain at the time. After Dan, Harry, and I moved into this apartment few years ago, Dan and I went to good ol’ Home Depot to get me an extra key. But that literally was the only key I owned – I didn’t have a mail key or a fob so it didn’t really seem necessary to have a key chain. Well, Harry recently moved in with his girlfriend Alyssa and I adopted both his mail key and fob. How exciting! I’d be more excited if we were moving out of this apartment into a new one but that time will come. Until then I have more keys but no key chain. This would be fine except while last year was the year of the key chain, for some reason this year it’s ridiculously difficult to find ones I like. Did everyone buy a key chain last year but me?

I also noticed that key chains are expensive. So many of them are above $150. But I’m not looking for an expensive key chain, because eventually I would like to have a work bag with a key chain built into the bag  for easy key finding. I’m notorious for rummaging in my purse and it doesn’t help that I have all black accessories in my black purse with a black liner. Let’s just say I’ve gotten really good at recognizing things by their shape. So yeah a bag with the key chain built-in would be great, but for when I don’t feel like digging, I’d still like a back up key chain, especially something cool or pretty or chic. My favorite is the Coach studded leather strap but that little pave piggy is adorable!

Key Chains under 100, Key fobs, Key rings

1. Banana Republic Tassel Clip Keychain

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Double Turnlock Keychain

3. House of Harlow 1960 Engraved Skull Keychain in Gold

4. House of Harlow 1960 Crater Keychain in Yellow Gold

5. Coach Studded Loop Key Ring

6. Henri Bendel Pave Pig Keyfob

7. Salvatore Ferragamo Key Fob in Embossed Calfskin

8. Henri Bendel Jetsetter Key Fob