Gift Guide 2013 The Preppy Guy Friend

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This gift guide is for your preppy, closet dork fellas out there. Maybe my perspective is skewed because I live in the land of hipsters but this gift guide feels very Ivy League to me. I’ve been to the North East just twice now but Dan is from the Princeton area. North East, Dan, Princeton, Ivy League, preppy style, it’s not a very scientific set of associations but these are the type of gifts that the classy wannabe Renaissance man craves. Comfy, but well fitted threads that can work in both the business-casual and night scene, and trendy, high quality wingtips and beanie to keep his head and feet warm and pretty.

Gift Guide 2013 Preppy Guy | Style and Cheek

1. Polo Ralph Lauren Merino Knit Cap Grimston Ragg One Size

2. Bulleit Rye Whiskey

3. Global Classic Minosharp 3 Ceramic Water Knife Sharpener

4. AKG K240 Studio Semi Open Pro Studio Headphones

5. J.Crew Donegal Shawl Cardigan

6. Allen Edmonds Cordovan Cambridge Burgundy

7. Bose ‘SoundLink Mini Bluetooth’ Speaker

8. A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire #5)

9. Billecarte Salmon Brut Rosé Champagne

10. J.Crew Ludlow Spread-Collar Shirt In Autumn Leaf

Guys love whiskey. I don’t like whiskey but it it’s a very nice looking bottle that supposedly tastes amazing so look for Bulleit Rye for your whiskey loving friends. Now that champagne on the other hand, that is something right up my alley. Guys don’t pretend you don’t like champagne too. Dan usually does out cooking. Cooking means cooking knives, and nice knives need upkeep. Dan does not own a sharpener, and his Global Knives are still pretty sharp, but I think it’s about time he started taking care of his blades as well as he takes care of our tummy’s.

The smart, well-dressed, well-fed, classy grownup prepster guy loves his tunes. I’ve tried these Harman AKG Headphones myself and they’re really comfortable and sound great. They’re a billion times better than iPhone ear buds. And let’s say your guy is cooking, or hell even taking a shower, it would be nice to be able to blast some music right? There are a ton of bluetooth ready wireless sound systems out there but this one from Bose seems like a good choice for quality.