Happy 2nd Birthday Style and Cheek!

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Autumn Birthday by Loretta Flower | Design Sponge photo by Julie Cope | Happy 2nd Birthday Style and Cheek

via: Autumn Birthday by Loretta Flower | Design Sponge photo by Julie Cope

Style and Cheek is two years old today!

Important events in the past year –

House broken! Style and Cheek had its share of growing pains but this was the year that I found my blogging groove. No more gnawing on furniture because it’s shiny and smells like Lemon Pledge. I’m proud that this year I put out four original posts a week (not including Jamie’s The Makeup Lady posts). It wasn’t easy at first, but now I can’t even imagine scaling back.

I’ve had a really fun collaboration year. This year Style and Cheek started a partnership with The Lady and the Beard. It’s been a lot of fun working with Jamie and learning from her Makeup Lady posts (thanks Jamie!). I’m excited to see where we take our partnership in 2014.

We got fancy. This year I realized that it is ok to fantasize. We all love to look at high fashion pics and magazines from time to time, knowing that the $1400 dress being featured isn’t something we’d ever really buy. Well on Fancy Friday we throw that type of logical thinking out the window! Style and Cheek is only two, not 102, it’s ok to dream and dream big! Bring on the expensive shit.

Last year I expressed my plans for 2013 and surprisingly I did a lot of what I set out to do. In 2014 all I want is to make Style and Cheek better. I’ve been kinda obsessed with the new Beyonce album so this year I’m going to take a page from Queen B and be less afraid of showing you guys all sides of my personality. I hope you guys are ready for things to get weird.

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  • Jamie
    December 19, 2013

    I think we are both out of our terrible twos and working towards success! Congrats on another blog year!

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