Celebrating Christmas with Style and Cheek

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Christmas is as much about eating as it is about presents. It’s true that most of the year I’d pick wardrobe expansion over food-baby expansion. But ever since my boyfriend Dan and I started dating more than two years ago I’ve realized that feasting on deliciousness is a holiday, if not an every day, necessity. This food indulgence is especially apparent on Christmas Eve, Dan’s favorite day of the year, otherwise known as CRABAPALOOZA. As a spoiled little Italian boy, he is used to seven fish courses not including appetizers or dessert, so for a girl who’s used to ordering pizza on Christmas Eve this has been a huge yummy change.

Even though we didn’t eat quite as much as we did last year, by a long shot, this Christmas Eve was better. It helped that we had the timing down for cooking things and decided against multiple bottles of wine, so overall it was much more relaxing. We baked thumbprint cookies and watched Elf and Despicable Me 2, Dan blasted Diplo and Major Lazer which meant a dance party in the apartment, and we chowed down on smoked salmon dip and delicious pasta with a crab tomato sauce and scallops. 2lbs of crab into our dinner and were both basically dying from over-eating, but definitely satisfied. And happy.

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