Pinterest Picks – Favorite Purchases of 2013

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This has been probably my best year of shopping ever. Most of the clothes that I wear daily were purchased in 2013, and really I’m just so much more comfortable and confident in how I look every time I leave the apartment. Yes, I couldn’t have done it without Dan who picked out a few of these pieces and enthusiastically encouraged me to buy a few others, but overall this was the year that I finally started dressing like the person I imagine myself to be. The REAL Julia has started to come out of her shell. There are still a ton more clothes and accessories I want to acquire (obviously) but looking back on these purchases makes me feel happy. I’ll miss you 2013 – you were great for my wardrobe.

rag & bone Harrow Boot Asphalt | Pinterest Picks - Favorite Purchases of 2013

rag & bone Harrow Boot Asphalt – Dream boots! I got so lucky with finding these boots on sale at Nordstrom and I’m glad I didn’t settle for what I didn’t want. Ever since I learned about the beauty that is rag & bone I knew I wanted a pair of their boots, but I didn’t think I’d ever own a pair because of the steep price. If you fall in love every time you look at your boots and they make you feel like a million bucks, you’ve made the right choice. The Harrow booties are surprisingly comfortable and absolutely gorgeous.

Calvin Klein Double Breasted Trench Coat (Nordstrom Exclusive) | Pinterest Picks - Favorite Purchases of 2013

Calvin Klein Double Breasted Trench Coat (Nordstrom Exclusive) – My boyfriend has very good taste and I’m beyond thankful that he forced me to try on this black trench coat. I was looking for a hooded coat but for some reason I didn’t want to try on any trench coats. Thank you Dan. This coat is getting a workout and I love how ladylike it looks.

Thermal Henley Top By Splendid | Pinterest Picks - Favorite Purchases of 2013

Thermal Henley Top By Splendid – I’m obsessed with Splendid and this henley. Splendid is the perfect ‘staple’ store fully stocked with cotton pieces. I end up wearing this shirt multiple times a week because it’s so freaking comfortable, warm, and form-fitting. Dan bought me a black and magenta striped version and even though my black henley is medium and the striped is small they’re both incredibly comfortable. But now I need all the shirts please, though I’ll settle for green, and gray first.

Yves Saint Laurent 'Touche Éclat' Radiant Touch | Pinterest Picks - Favorite Purchases of 2013

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Touche Éclat’ Radiant Touch – This was one of those dream products I never thought I’d buy, but after too many creasing under eye concealers I went to Sephora on a mission and came out with this. My face looks so much more like my face instead of an acrylic painting. Plus, when you wake up extra early because you like spending time on your makeup an undereye product that brightens is really important, it keeps you from looking like a half-asleep zombie.

TARTE LipSurgence™ Matte Lip Tint | Pinterest Picks - Favorite Purchases of 2013

TARTE LipSurgence™ Matte Lip Tint – I use this every day and all my other lipsticks are feeling neglected and abandoned in a drawer. The same trip to Sephora that opened my eyes to the power of Radiant Touch, brought me to my favorite lip tint. I wanted a product that enhanced my natural lip color and Exposed is perfect, and an added bonus is the slight plumping effect. Sexy lips, oh hell yes.