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The Makeup Lady

You may be wondering how you can use some of the products I showcased last week and transform them into an everyday beauty look. And even if you’re not, this may prove to be a fun lesson in the art of makeup. We’re mixing things up this week on The Makeup Lady with some custom face charts created by yours truly. The wonders of apps and all the things you can create these days! This is the next best thing to an actual tutorial or showing images from a model that I’ve created the look on. Maybe one day we’ll get that fancy.

There are a variety of different ways to use this color in your daily beauty routine. Please don’t be scared off by the color because I mean this with all honesty…this color can work for everyone! Radiant Orchid encompasses a variety of different color hues and tones. And if we learned a thing or two during our color theory posts, we know that purples can work for every eye color. Try out samples, play around with the colors and see what tones work best for you. It’s all about experimenting, which is truly the key to everything, right? Make those eyes and lips pop with these Radiant Orchid Day Looks.

The Neutral Orchid

The colors seem intense, but don’t fret yet. This is the most neutral of all the day looks. An easy sweep of color on the eyes, cheeks and lips will pull off the easiest look of all. The Neutral Orchid look pairs different intensities of the pinks and purples together, so you’re not overwhelming your complexion with too much of the same color.

You will need 3 key pieces for this look

– Make Up For Ever Shadow in #9

– NARS Blush in Sex Fantasy

– NARS ‘Larger Than Life” Lip Gloss in Born This Way

The Neutral Orchid | The Makeup Lady – Radiant Orchid Day Looks

The Gorgeous Orchid

I created this look using one of my all-time favorite shadows from MAC – Gorgeous Gold. Hence the Gorgeous Orchid title. Feel free to mix up your looks by incorporating a neutral or another shade that you know always makes your eyes POP! Golds and Purples for me are the classic eye popping look that I can’t get enough of. We’re keeping with the same blush and shadow because they are so neutral and won’t take away from the eye look.

You will need 4 key pieces to create this look

– MAC Gorgeous Gold Shadow

– MAC Stars N” Rockets Shadow

– NARS Blush in Sex Fantasy

– NARS ‘Larger Than Life” Lip Gloss in Born This Way

The Gorgeous Orchid | The Makeup Lady – Radiant Orchid Day Looks

The Bold Lip Orchid

As the title suggests we are going for the lip in this day look. We still want a light sweep of color on the lids but the lips are taking center stage with this one. I feel this may pull some out of their comfort zone but will be loved by those that value a bold everyday lip look. So the lip color “looks” really purple but when paired with a white canvas face chart, just about anything is bound to look intense.

Here are the 3 things you’ll need for this look

– Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy

– NARS Blush in Sex Fantasy

– NARS ‘Larger Than Life’ Lipgloss in Annees Folles

The Bold Lip Orchid | The Makeup Lady – Radiant Orchid Day Looks

3 simple looks that you can create with just a few products. Try them out and let us know how it goes!

– Jamie of The Lady and The Beard

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