We moved to a new apartment! Now where is everything?

By Monday, February 3, 2014 0 Permalink

We moved to a new apartment! | Style and Cheek |

That’s right. Dan and I moved to a new apartment over the weekend. Woohoo! I had this really great Pinterest Picks planned for you today but unfortunately, things are a little crazy right now. I have no idea where anything is. I keep opening one drawer and then remembering that what I need is in another.

I don’t really talk about this but sometimes blogging and having a day job can get stressful, but add moving and things definitely become difficult to juggle. I’m just grateful for internet access because I couldn’t imagine being without that.

Thank you to everyone who helped us this weekend, we couldn’t have done it without you. The biggest thank you goes to Dan, who has been so helpful during this move. He’s incredibly supportive of Style and Cheek and doesn’t want me to stress out and has made multiple late night trips moving the rest of the apartment by himself. Thank you Dan, for being loving and insisting on carrying 90% of our stuff yourself and handing me the small bags.

I’ll write a real post about our move and how we’re settling in, with pictures that don’t include our junk strewn about, but look for my Valentine’s Day Pinterest Picks post next Monday.