How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek

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HSWI February 2014

The last sheer post of the month. Ermahgerd! We had some amazing, sunny days that got me mentally ready for spring and summer, and sheer, and then the weather turned eh and now I’m wishing I owned more sweatshirts and sweatpants so I can hole up in my apartment. Alas, the weather will turn into wonderful warm sunshine and little buds will sprout out of the ground. Until then, let’s discuss sheer, both for winter and spring. Both of these outfits feel very transitional and can be worn with or without the jacket and still feel like a complete outfit. Since we’re saying goodbye to sheer, at least for ‘How She’d Wear It’, I wanted to point out how many sheer pieces I saw in the collections for Fall 2014 (there were a ton!). Sheer is here to stay, and whether you choose a sheer cutout, or overlay, it’s a sexy trend to add to your wardrobe.

How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek - Sheer Ladylike Dress | Sheer Dresses

1. Fringe Fest Scarf in Lilac from ModCloth

2. J.Crew Pointed Stone Bracelet

3. Kate Spade New York Carroll Park Fabric Mini Penelope

4. Cloud Sourcing Dress from ModCloth

5. Zara Structured Jacket

6. Zara Nautical Ballerina

What can I say? Even though I’d never chose to wear yellow over other colors, I’m clearly ready for spring. Even black-obsessed me can’t help but notice when light colors like these work well together, plus the dress is really cute. It’s a very bright and cheery look fit for Easter or a Kentucky Derby party. A white dress is a blank canvas but the sheer detail at the waist and hem with the slight puff sleeve is definitely girly. As always I love structured jackets and this one looked so cute on the model I couldn’t resist.

How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek - Sheer Hippie Dress | Sheer Dresses

1. Ruche Canyon Edge Hooded Duster Cardigan

2. H By Hudson Horrigan Wrap Strap Booties

3. CHAN LUU Hannah Chiffon Dress

4. Sabrina Tach Gala Pouch from Boticca

5. Anthropologie Zaffre Fedora

6. Free People Turchin Brass Garnet Horn

7. Marly Moretti Womens Bundle of Stones Cuff from Free People

8. Mikal Winn Womens Chainmail Cuff from Free People

If the first outfit is representative of Spring 2014 then this one is Fall 2014. Spring is about pastels and bright sunny colors where as Fall 2014 is about muted tones – blues, burgundy. This dress can be worn with or without a coat, but either way it’s lace, sheer, embroidered style calls to your inner hippie. What pairs well with a relaxed, sheer chiffon dress? Booties, a big floppy fedora, and lots of boho jewelry. It’s a fun look that gives off that sexy IDGAF vibe.

– Julia of Style and Cheek