Pretty Little Liars S4 Ep21 Come Undone

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If Ezra is NOT A then who is? Maybe I’m giving this show too much credit but we’ve spent so little time with other characters that it really has to be him, right? There aren’t really other candidates besides Mona and apparently Mona was A in the first two seasons. But if Ezra is A, and Board Shorts is A, then this season could have ended a few months ago once we saw that creepy apartment in Ravenswood. Meh. It really hasn’t been so bad, between Spencer’s “amphetamine addiction” and Aria’s cry face it’s actually be an entertaining last few weeks.

Ezria flashback | Pretty Little Liars Come Undone

The recap from the previous episodes really highlight for me how few of the guys on this show have memorable names. I know…. EmoToby and that’s it. ANYWAY this episodes opens up with Aria crying again, telling her friends about Ezra and his manuscript. He used you Aria. He used you good. Ezra’s book convinced Aria that he is not A, was never really in love with her, and that maybe one of her friends is the person after Alison. Cut to an Ezra/Aria flashback. Curly haired Ezra ROFLCOPTER.

Aria be losing it | Pretty Little Liars Come Undone

Hanna is wearing a circus tent onesie when she runs into pickup truck dude at school. I mentally replace everything Hanna says with lines from Spring Breakers. Sadly it only makes her a little less annoying. Aria comes to school on a mission to confront Ezra. She looks crazy. Though compared to Hanna’s potpourri jumpsuit and withdrawal-face Spencer, Aria still is the 2nd least crazy looking one of the group. Oh but of course Ezra isn’t at school today.

Aria is destroying Ezra's apartment | Pretty Little Liars Come Undone

Good thing Aria has a key to Ezra’s apartment, because otherwise we wouldn’t be treated to this wonderful scene of her snooping and then finding a bunch of Ezra’s research that now all of a sudden is not so well hidden. Creeper Ezra. Yo Aria, you had sex with your teacher, you’re not 18, go to the cops fool! Aria smashes up Ezra’s apartment, including his tv. I mistake the tears on her face for sweat, which is sadly a common mistake with Aria these days.

Never back down dude with Hanna | Pretty Little Liars Come Undone

Hanna meets with Never Back Down Sean Faris to help out tow truck dude’s dad who was in business with Wilden. I can’t take Sean Faris seriously in a suit. He looks like a WWE wrestler who went to Men’s Warehouse to find a costume for a bit on SummerSlam. If he suplexes Hanna right now I will be all-in on this storyline, but until then I’m done paying attention.

Cracked out Spencer doing some sleuthing | Pretty Little Liars Come Undone

The girls find Aria nearly comatose sitting on the floor of Ezra’s apartment surrounded by strewn papers and broken glass. Spencer, the one with a brain, asks “shouldn’t we take some of this stuff?” NAAAAAAAAAAH of course not, no time to snoop either. If Spencer pops one of those pills that A dumped in her locker she’d be through this room in 15 minutes. But no, let’s listen to Hanna, the one who stole Bozo the Clown’s uniform. Smartly, Spencer grabs a handful of papers as she heads out the door, including a business card for a private investigator who apparently followed her. Her withdrawal hits her hard and she pops one of A’s pills. Um why do you trust random pills girl? You probably just vaporized your uterus or something.

Never back down dude was not expecting a kiss | Pretty Little Liars

Ha I lied. Hanna just tried to kiss Sean Faris at the Brew. He looks shocked and disgusted.

Spencer picks up a shovel and threatens Ali | Pretty Little Liars Come Undone

Among Ezra’s research is a note he wrote detailing a fight between Alison and Spencer that apparently Cece and Alison’s mom witnessed. Spencer, reading this note as if it makes no sense to her, reacts with shock as she visualizes what she’s reading. I guess Spencer attacked Alison with a shovel after Alison says. “we’re over!” Um did Alison break up with Spencer? Does Spencer have like multiple personality disorder and has she been A this whole time? I mean she apparently doesn’t sleep. Julia loves this idea.

Spencer grabs Mrs DeLaurentis arm | Pretty Little Liars Come Undone

Spencer confronts her Dad with what she’s learned and with the business card for the PI she found at Ezra’s. Spencer’s Dad apparently suspected that Spencer may have had something to do with Alison’s “murder.” But Alison wasn’t murdered. EmoToby shows up and saves PapaSpence from further confrontation and Spencer storms out the door. She gives EmoToby the slip and heads to Mrs. DeLaurentis’ house to yell at her about Alison. Spencer is totally unhinged right now.

Aria is angry with everyone | Pretty Little Liars Come Undone

Hanna runs into Aria on the street. Looks like Ezra is moving forward with his plans to publish his book even though he promised Aria he would scrap it to save their relationship. Aria has finally gotten wise and has decided to tell the Principal about Ezra’s statutory ways. Hanna talks Aria down for some reason. Aria turns her rage on Hanna, deservedly so. If Ezra is in jail then we can eliminate whether he is A or not. Aria heads home to pack up a bag so she can run away.

What is Paige doing? | Pretty Little Liars Come Undone

Paige, having cornered Emily at the post-office before Emily could send Alison that stack of money finally, gets Emily to admit that Alison is still alive. Emily, who is the nicest of these four main characters, seems to be universally treated like crap on this show. She dislikes being given ultimatums and shows Paige the cold shoulder. As an act of spite if not jealousy, Paige slips a piece of paper into  an open police car saying that Alison is alive and gives the address to where Emily sent the money.

This A is definitely wearing men's denim | Pretty Little Liars Come Undone

Dammit! Apparently there are 3 more episodes to go! The episode closes with A reading Ezra’s collected manuscript from the last episode, and then burning it. That dungeon that A is chillin’ in does not look like Spencer’s bedroom. I give up – I have no idea who A is! Which means yup, I’ll be back next week.

Love, Dan.