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The Makeup Lady

The Oscars on Sunday proved to me that a neutral face can make a large impact. Sometimes I get caught up in doing a dramatic eye or a bold lip, that I forget a more neutral palette can go just as far. Ladies, for those of you that are afraid to look too natural and like a full face look, don’t fret just yet. Neutral doesn’t mean no makeup. It just means working with a color palette that is more along the lines of your natural skintone. Don’t be fooled by nudes and neutrals. We’ll be using both for this look, but they aren’t the same thing. Nudes are flat colors such as bone, or brown and they look great on everyone regardless of their skin tone. Neutrals are those colors found naturally in your skintone such as rose, peach, or bronze. Make sense?

Make Up Trends Fall Winter 2013 | The Makeup Lady - Working With Neutrals

First things first….a clean face. Wipe it down. Make it clean. Moisturize and serum up your skin. We want pristine, clean looking skin to start with this look.

Start with a base. This can be your BB Cream, tinted moisturizer or foundation. Depending on your coverage and preference, apply it all over. Next, grab your concealer. Concealer is a MUST for the perfect looking neutral face. Why? Since everything is going to look clean and flawless, we can’t rely on intense pops of color to distract from a blemish or under eye circles. It’s as if you’re starting with a perfectly blank canvas. Everything should be the same color across your entire face. Use powder if needed to help absorb any access oil or to help mattify your look. You’ll get a chance to mix textures and add shimmer later on for more depth and intensity.

Bronze away. But not with a heavy hand. This will just help to bring out the natural radiance in your skin. Remember to apply bronze to your cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and neck. Or all the points where the sun would naturally hit your face. Pick a cheek color. Based on your skins natural undertone, pick a color to compliment that tone. This is when you’ll be choosing colors based off those “neutral” roses, peaches, and bronzes. This is also the point where you can choose to add a highlighter on the cheekbones for extra dimension.

Now, onto the eyes. Again, go with those soft natural tones. For the eyes, you’re safe to stick with nudes. Bone, brown, beige. Basic everyday colors you can sweep all over the lid. Here again you can play up the textures and add shimmer to your inner corner, or at the brow bone. Speaking of brows, don’t forget to define and fill. They are the frame to your face after-all. Don’t forget the mascara and apply generous coats to make your eye POP!

For the final step, we want to tackle the lips. You guessed it…neutrals! Like your cheeks, this is the time to pull some more color in to play off your natural beauty. Opt for a peach lipstick and shimmer gloss for your warm undertones, or a rose pink combo for the cool undertoned gals.

natural | The Makeup Lady - Working With Neutrals

Seems fairly easy, right? It’s like your normal makeup routine but with basic shades. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

– Jamie of The Lady and The Beard