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This Fancy Friday isn’t so much expensive as it is not easily accessible; if you live in the states anyway. ANNA + NINA is based in Amsterdam. Yep, the Netherlands. If I had access to this awesome boutique I would probably shop there on the regular. They just have extremely cool, unique items at decent prices. Sure, you could find similar items elsewhere but their pieces have a certain vibe that I find special.

You may remember seeing some ANNA + NINA pieces in a few of my recent ‘How She’d Wear It‘ posts.  I love their branding. It’s like a mixture of a garden shed, an apothecary, insect museum, a library in an old mansion, and your hippie best friend’s bedroom. The thing that drives me nuts is that their online shop is only a snippet of what they have in their store. I’m missing out on all kinds of goodies. Check them out!

ANNA + NINA Coffee Mug "bitch"

ANNA + NINA Coffee Mug “bitch” – Because sometimes in the morning you think, “I need coffee.” “Now.” “Bitch.”

ANNA + NINA Skull Gold Plate by Melody Rose

ANNA + NINA Skull Gold Plate by Melody Rose – Not your Grandmother’s china.

ANNA + NINA Stamped Goddess Thick Cuff - Brass

ANNA + NINA Stamped Goddess Thick Cuff – Brass – In case you forget how wonderful you are, just look at your wrist. Damn straight.

ANNA + NINA Printed Pig Poster by Vanilla Fly

ANNA + NINA Printed Pig Poster by Vanilla Fly – I truly believe in this, so why not put it up on the wall as a reminder?

ANNA + NINA Notebook "Busy Busy Busy" by Sloane Stationery

ANNA + NINA Notebook “Busy Busy Busy” by Sloane Stationery – Busy bee! This is how I feel lately. Perfect for to-do lists.

  • Jamie
    March 7, 2014

    I’m now slightly obsessed with everything they make. And of course I went on a “pin it” rampage from their website. Now if I could only plan a trip to Amsterdam to buy some of these goods.

    • Style & Cheek
      March 10, 2014

      I saw what you pinned and they were things I almost put on the post! Like minds :)

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