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Last Friday I was at Nordstrom looking for presents for Jamie when Sarah from Burberry stopped me and asked if I wanted to try some foundation. I knew that if she “showed me” the foundation then I would get my makeup done and learn more about other products…and if you give a mouse a cookie…

Being the easily influenced person that I am, just plop me down on a chair and talk my ear off about beauty products, I wanna listen and I’m not a tough sell. Plus, I really love getting my makeup done AND we were talking Burberry…come on. You know I love Burberry. Easy peasy.

While Sarah and I were exploring makeup I also got to know Alejandro who convinced me I had to come to Nordstrom’s Beauty Trend Show at 8am on the 22nd. He was the sweetest and I’m excited to have some makeup playtime with him at noon! Yeah, like I said I’m easily influenced. 8am on a Saturday?! But I love playing with makeup so it should be really fun. If you haven’t signed up you should, tickets are $20 and you can put that money toward a purchase on the day of the event. I’ll be at the Bellevue Square Nordstrom at 8am March 22nd until whenever. Come say hi if you’re there. I’ll be around, waiting for Alejandro to make me up.

Burberry Beauty Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation

Burberry Beauty Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation – Sarah used this in No. 2 Trench and I love the way it blended. It looked like I had barely anything on. But I’m really sensitive to smell and it has this powdery sweet smell that I just can’t handle, which is too bad because I really love the look. It’s incredibly light and slightly dewy, but looks airbrushed.

Burberry Beauty 'Fresh Glow' Luminous Highlighting Powder No. 2 Golden Radiance | Pinterest Picks - Burberry Beauty

Burberry Beauty ‘Fresh Glow’ Luminous Highlighting Powder No. 2 Golden Radiance – Since Sarah and I were already on the topic of face products I brought up bronzer. This is what I ended up buying that day. That, and a brush. I’ve been using the same bronzer brush for the past few years and even though it works fine I liked what she was doing. She taught me how to use a smaller brush with the bronzer and I was like, “ok, sold.” She was applying it where I normally do but with more precision and more blending. Dan said my cheekbones looked higher. Win!

Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette No. 10 Rose Pink | Pinterest Picks - Burberry Beauty

Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette No. 10 Rose Pink – Like I said, I was asking lots of questions so I told Sarah about a tutorial I saw that used pink and slightly shimmery eyeshadow and asked if she thought it would be a good look for me. Then she tried a few shades, one of which Dan called muted watermelon. I’ll have to go back and pick this one up, it’s so pretty and I have few pinks in my collection.

Burberry Beauty Nail Polish No. 420 Sage Green | Pinterest Picks - Burberry Beauty

Burberry Beauty Nail Polish No. 420 Sage Green – As I sat in the makeup chair I lovingly looked at all the spring products laid out, I noticed this green polish and mentioned what a pretty color having not realized it was St. Patrick’s day weekend. Perfect timing for some green polish.

Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum | Pinterest Picks - Burberry Beauty

Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum – While we’re on the topic of Burberry and my overwhelming love for the brand I might as well say how much I love this perfume. Like I said, I’m very sensitive to smell but this is one of the few perfumes I have worn and loved. Sarah slipped me a few samples of Burberry Brit ‘Rhythm for her’ which has floral notes, but meh, I’m not a fan of this. The classic Burberry Brit is my jam.