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I have never been great at sending Thank You cards. The cliché is that as a kid you get presents from some extended family or friends for a holiday and your mom forces you to sit down and write Thank You cards to each gift-giver. I’m a serial procrastinator so as you can imagine I delayed writing these cards as long as I could. And as I continued to put it off the guilt about not writing them would rise to the point where I was too embarrassed to send them so late. It definitely didn’t help that as bad as I was at sending Thank You cards I felt just as bad at writing them. But when you’re younger what is there to say really? It’s more of an exercise in good manners than a genuine show of appreciation. Even now, I’ll admit that I’m not great at sending Thank You cards and still have the circle of procrastination/guilt, but I’m getting better. Because really, sending Thank You notes is something everyone can benefit from and receiving a hand written thank you note can really make someone’s day.

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My trick to staying on top of Thank You cards is to make the process fun. And that starts with the paper. The older I get the more I appreciate high quality paper and stationery. Dan likes to make fun of me because anytime I walk into World Market I can’t resist playing with all their quirky cool paper products. I go and look at cards even when I have nobody to send to a card to. This means that I have a lot of card options at the moment, of all different moods and for all sorts of different people. Picking the right one is not only a lot of fun, it’s another way to add a personal touch to the note you’re sending. Most stationery is fairly cheap so there is no reason you can’t stock up on a few fun options.

Beyond the paper the most obvious way to have fun writing thank you notes is to spice up the presentation. I’m a sucker for gel pens and without them writing anything would be pretty boring. You can also use washi tape or stickers to add extra personality. Cupcakes and Cashmere uses glitter on her cards, which is a great idea. The next time I’m at the craft store I’m going to hit up the glitter section. The point is, writing thank you cards sucked when you were a kid because it was something you had to do, so have fun with it! Turn each card into a mini art project.

Even with all that, let’s admit that those cards are still probably gonna sit in a desk drawer somewhere, unwritten for a little longer than they should. My advice? Put the thank you notes and cards that you have received from other people where you can see them. It’s amazing what a little reminder (ie guilt trip) can do for your productivity.

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