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HSWI April 2014

These pink themed ‘How She’d Wear It’ posts are really making me crave more pink in my closet, especially after putting together this post on how to wear pink from ‘day to night’. I’ve always felt that pink is too girly, especially light pinks and blush, and part of that has to do with not knowing what colors to pair with light pink pieces. Part of the problem is that I have a lot of rich, dark colors in my closet that make light pink feel out of place. Black however, is the great equalizer and for the night outfit I chose a leather pencil skirt which adds edge to the very soft pink blouse. The day outfit is still soft and feminine, but takes the palette the other direction to muted colors like olive green and light gray. The key with pink from day to night is that the texture and color of the other pieces have to stay balanced against the pink piece in both sunlight and moonlight – the pink can’t be too dominant during the day, nor too submissive at night.

How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek - Pink and Olive Green for Day | Pink Day to Night

1. J.Crew Pre-Order Sparkle Cardigan

2. Blank Orchestrion Clutch from Anthropologie

3. Ray-Ban New Youngster Sunglasses

4. Tai Alphabet Necklace

5. J.Crew Seamed Motorcycle Pant

6. Peach Gallete Top from ModCloth

7. J.Crew Pearl Open Bangle

8. Sam Edelman Nahara Jeweled Sandals

All I want right now are sunglasses and delicate jewelry. These two things are perfect with these pink outfits because I chose to add such masculine colors and pieces. The olive green motorcycle pants become a relaxed and cute choice when paired with a cool cutout tank and cozy cardigan. Showing off your cute sandals is a great way to accent a look beyond accessorizing. It’s a tough trick to not lose a pink this soft against the stronger colors of the surrounding pieces, but the colors here are all just muted enough to let this very delicate pink hold the spotlight. This feels like an easy springtime choice that will keep you comfortable and cute for when that 70 degree day turns into a 50 degree night.

How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek - Pink and Black for Night | Pink Day to Night

1. Elizabeth And James Lafayette Cat Eye Sunglasses

2. Rococo Clutch from Anthropologie

3. Zara Shirt with Pockets

4. Zara Leather Stiletto Shoes

5. Elizabeth And James Mies Stud Earrings

6. Elizabeth And James Astral Pendant Necklace

7. TOPSHOP Leather Panel Pencil Skirt

For the night look I went with a simple, sexy outfit. Pink and black has always reminded me of punk; you know, hot pink and black, maybe with a mohawk and spiked collar. This is not what I wanted people to think of when they thought of black and pink together so I chose a light pink, almost blush and paired it with a black leather skirt. I chose a piece that exudes rock n roll, yet the outfit looks very feminine and sexy. Go for a relaxed blouse, even a silk long sleeve button down, but with a sturdy skirt it’s good to balance it with something soft. I didn’t even realize as I made this collage that I used multiple Elizabeth and James pieces – Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s label. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, the Olsen family has good (or at least interesting) taste!

– Julia of Style and Cheek