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I’m obsessed with The Coveteur. If you don’t already know, The Coveteur is the best site out there is for celebrity personal style. They take you inside the homes and closets of fashion celebs for candid, but beautiful photos and interviews. It’s amazing to see different sides of people I already admire, like Mary Katrantzou, a fashion designer who uses the most ridiculously cool prints, or Lisa Eldridge, one of my favorite makeup artists to watch on YouTube. Though all talented individuals, there’s so much variety to the types of people The Coveteur chooses to interview, everything from designers to illustrators, models and bloggers. It’s not only a ogle worthy site, it’s informative. Plus, their site is shoppable. What more could you want?

It would be a dream to work with The Coveteur or be featured in an article. Their photos are so crisp and beautifully styled. Oftentimes style websites lack variety to the look and feel of their articles; whether that’s because it’s easier to gravitate to only like-minded individuals, or just the limits of the stylist or photographer, there’s a lack of individualism. Whereas with The Coveteur, you can tell it’s their shoot because of the quality of the images and specific styling techniques, such as how pieces are laid out, but overall the tone of each article and photos within really are determined by the subject‘s style and personality. Take the initial picture for example, of Erica Pelosini’s gorgeous gold Christian Louboutin shoes and compare it to the last photo of Josie Maran in the garden with her little girls. Erica is obsessed with high fashion pieces and has a shoe collection that’s to die for so the The Covetuer focused on this girl’s amazing closet. Josie on the other hand is very into living a healthy lifestyle and her style is ‘eco-minded’. The photoshoots for these women are both droolworthy and high quality, but their style couldn’t be more different. I think that’s what makes a website like The Coveteur so good, having that versatility and openness for varying styles.

Erica Pelosini Part II | The Coveteur

Lisa Eldridge | The Coveteur

Mary Katrantzou | The Coveteur

Alessandra Ambrosio | The Coveteur

Getting Ready with Jamie Lee Reardin | The Coveteur

Josie Maran | The Coveteur

images via The Coveteur – Erica Pelosini Part 2 // Lisa Eldridge //Mary Katrantzou // Alessandra Ambrosio // Getting Ready with Jamie Lee Reardin // Josie Maran

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