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Are you prepared for Mother’s Day? It’s less than a week away and brunch reservations are surely filling up. I must admit, I’m kind of a last minute shopper. I’m working on it but time slips away from me. Just a few weeks ago I asked Dan when Mother’s Day is and he said sometime after Easter and in my mind that all felt so far away but bam! Time flies. I made this gift guide with my Mom in my mind, however she’s one of the most difficult people to shop for and to be honest it’s easier letting her pick her own gift. But her tastes are so varied that I chose gifts that would fit different Motherly personas. And remember, some of the cliché choices for Mother’s Day are actually still safe bets for gifts, particularly flowers.

Just Picked Candle Tin from Anthropologie | Pinterest Picks - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For Moms who love ambiance: Just Picked Candle Tin from Anthropologie – A fresh smelling home is one of the most comforting and relaxing things. Plus the flicker of candles is just pretty.

terrain Copper Plant Markers, Horizontal | Pinterest Picks - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For the Mom who lives in her garden: terrain Copper Plant Markers, Horizontal – I like when things are uniform and nicely labelled, and so do a lot of Moms. Helping your mom organize her garden is also a great way to make sure that the men of the house don’t weed-whack something they’re not supposed to.

terrain Marble & Wood Cheese Board | Pinterest Picks - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For the Mom who loves to entertain: terrain Marble & Wood Cheese Board – Entertaining is one of my Mother’s defining traits. She knows how to throw a party and ALWAYS has a massive brick of cheese to carve up and put out for guests to pick at. Cheese boards are the best way to serve cheese without it sticking to the serving platter.

Momstrology | Pinterest Picks - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For Moms who love Astrology: Momstrology: The AstroTwins Guide to Parenting Your Little One by The Stars – I love astrology. My Mom does too and she has always been open to anything spiritual. Books like these are just good fun and full of a surprising amount of truth.

JoeyBra Sport | Pinterest Picks - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For active Moms: JoeyBra Sport – This sports bra has a little hidden zippered pouch on the side that can hold keys, money, your id, even your phone if it’s small enough. As someone who never has a place to put her stuff but needs to stay connected, even while working out, this is a great idea.

Coach Madison Georgie in Embossed Leather | Pinterest Picks - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For stylish Moms who love pink: Coach Madison Georgie in Embossed Leather – You know how much I love Coach and since my Mom is such a huge fan of pink it made sense to choose a ladylike pink bag from one of my favorite brands.

  • Jamie
    May 5, 2014

    I have yet to purchase the Just Picked Candle Tins, but I love the smells. Lemon + Sage or Raspberry Tomato Leaf are my favorites.

  • Sydney
    May 7, 2014

    Thanks for including JoeyBra and the AstroTwins new book Momstrology in your round-up. Both are great local picks! #seattle #shoplocal

    • Style & Cheek
      May 13, 2014

      Thanks again Sydney for the ideas. I love learning about products and brands.

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