How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek

HSWI May 2014

This week we’re pairing midi skirts with button down blouses. It’s a very simple idea but there are a lot of different ways you can go with this combination. The more I look at midi skirt inspiration photos the more I love this trend. Midi skirts are instantly ladylike on their own but I have found more than a few ways to spice up this conservative skirt, even if it’s just a blouse tied at the navel. And while both of the skirts I’ve picked here translate to a mature look, the accessories, hair, and makeup will determine the tone of the outfit. What I’m getting at is, just because a skirt is long or full or doesn’t show off as much leg as you’re used to that doesn’t mean you’re an old granny. You still have the entire rest of your body to decorate and express your personality, and really that can be anything from the hardware on your purse to a necklace or sunglasses.

How She'd Wear It - Midi Skirt with White Button Down | Midi Skirt with Button Down

1. MADEWELL Large Staccato Studs

2. Ray-Ban ‘Youngster’ 56mm Sunglasses

3. MADEWELL Lapis Curio Ring

4. Rebecca Minkoff Made In NYC Mini M.A.C.

5. J.Crew Crystal Mobile Necklace

6. Zara Flared Skirt

7. J.Crew Silk Pocket Blouse

8. Dolce Vita Oriana Asymmetrical Sandals

I’m trying to love brown these days. It’s not easy but I think leather is the easiest way for me to embrace this most-neglected color, particularly when that leather matches up so nicely with the red of the midi skirt I’m trying to showcase. It’s a daytime adventure outfit that calls for some shopping bags full of goodies and a tall lemonade. The white button down keeps the look from being too casual and also serves as a great way to show off a unique chunky necklace. Lately I’ve been really into showcasing statement necklaces on collared shirts and that could certainly work here, and check out that chunky lapis ring.

How She'd Wear It - Midi Skirt with Button Down | Midi Skirt with Button Down

1. J.Crew Crystal Mobile Earrings

2. J.Crew Collection Featherweight Cashmere Cardigan

3. Coach The Mini Borough Bag In Edgepaint Leather

4. Monserat De Lucca Bird Necklace

5. J.Crew Side-Slit Soft Pencil Skirt

6. H&M Sleeveless Blouse

7. TOPSHOP RIA Two Part Sandals

For this outfit I was really inspired by this picture of a midi skirt and a button down that has the shirt tied in a knot at the waist. Very cute and cheeky. In black pumps with your Coach bag on your arm this look oozes sexy. But just in case you have to button up for a meeting or it’s chilly outside make sure you come prepared with a cardigan or jacket. This cobalt sweater pairs beautifully with our black on black on black base. This shirt definitely needs a necklace that hangs low and this necklace is a unique choice.  Some colorful, statement dangly earrings complete the look with a bit of fun.

– Julia of Style and Cheek