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HSWI June 2014

After an entertaining Facebook debate on whether June’s ‘How She’d Wear It’ would feature a theme of stripes or nautical style, stripes won out. Don’t worry, there will be a stripes post focused exclusively on nautical navy and white stripes, but this month will be focused on all things stripey. Stripes are classic, they fit nearly any wardrobe and most body types. They’re one of, if not the, staple pattern for shirts and dresses – for example a horizontal striped shirt is a must have in everyone’s closet, male or female. This month I’ll even cover the often misunderstood vertical stripe, which you CAN wear if you pick the right silhouette. But we’ll get to that. Today we’re going to discuss black and white stripes which I touched on briefly a few weeks ago. This combo is super popular right now and while there are many ways it can be worn, I prefer to pair my black and white stripes with neutrals and a pop of color, or brights, not necessarily neon but definitely fun colors like green, pink, or blue.

How She'd Wear It - Classic Black and White Stripes

1. Stella Mccartney Thick Square Sunglasses

2. J.Crew Tassel Trim Statement Necklace

3. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Affair Diamond Quilt With Studs

4. During Your Daydream Dress from ModCloth

5. J.Crew Jeweled Pearl Earrings

6. Zara Coat With Gathering On The Shoulder

7. J.Crew Viv Patent Flats

I felt inspired by Audrey Hepburn for this one, specifically her character Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey spends so much time wearing black in that movie that it didn’t seem like much of leap to imagine her in this stylish black and white striped dress. Her character is really all about appearing chic and desirable, and black and white with red is a classic combination. Generally red is a good standby complement for your striped black and white pieces because it draws your eye just as much as the stripe, which ties the whole look together. It’s the perfect outfit for a day trip to Sing-Sing for the weather report.

How She'd Wear It - Fun Black and White Stripes

1. Cary Sunglasses from Moorea Seal

2. TOPSHOP Ultimate Faux Leather Biker

3. River Island Pachy Barely There Sandal

4. H&M Top in Slub Jersey

5. Zara Striped Skirt

6. Jacquie Aiche Diamond Fuck Necklace

7. Free People BING BANG Witches Heart Ring

8. Free People Vanessa Mooney Unearthly Ring

9. Versace Small Medusa Head Ring

10. MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS ‘Bedford’ Clutch

This skirt is so awesome. I love how funky it is! You absolutely want leg lengthening heels for this look, and these River Island heels do the job but are also super fun. And that’s what we’re going for with this outfit, fun! Oh and sexy. There are power colors, like the green of this H&M tee, but then there are power pieces, and black leather jackets totally qualify – if you look badass, you’ll feel badass and that is sexy. Speaking of badass (but also silly) I’ve been looking for a necklace that says “fuck” for a while, and finally found one! But who knew a curse word would be so crazy out of my price range? And if you don’t want to scare the children or piss off their parents, just wear whatever delicate necklace(s) you want.

– Julia of Style and Cheek

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