Men’s Style with Style and Cheek (and Dan)

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Men’s Style with Style and Cheek (and Dan) | Style and Cheek on YouTube

Making videos is harder than my boyfriend Dan and I anticipated. This is our third video and I think we’re getting a little better each time, but we’re still far far from perfect. On the first video we forgot to set our webcam to HD. The second video had wonky sound. And now on this one there’s a slight autofocus problem; when you watch the video you’ll notice that the focus will soften and then sharp pretty frequently, this is apparently because we didn’t have a constant presence in the center of the frame. When I realized this I had a mini freak out and thought Oh my glob are we EVER going to get this video thing right?! It’s a process but it’s really fun and I hope you are enjoying these as much as we enjoy making them. We’ll get better and yes, we’re open to tips!

Thank you to those who have given us feedback on the sound problem with video #2, specifically @foxwithsocks and @rsmsl who messaged about their own (different) sound experiences with the video. That was crazy helpful and I appreciate you guys reaching out.

Anyway, onto today’s video: Men’s Style. A few weeks ago Dan asked me some random questions about myself on video. He was supposed to ask me style themed questions but chickened out. This week I returned the favor but did it properly and brought the questions back to style. Here is a breakdown of when in the video you can find each question Dan answered:

What are five things every guy should have in their closet? 00:15

What menswear trend can you just not get behind? 01:26

What is currently your favorite female fashion trend? 2:12

What are some of your favorite pieces in your closet right now? 3:27

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