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We’re back with Fancy Friday and today is about art because I felt really inspired by MadeByGirl. MadeByGirl is an online shop created by artist and blogger Jen Ramos that sells affordable art prints, paper goods, and fashion accessories. I stumbled upon MadeByGirl randomly and realized that I had seen Jen’s artwork on Pinterest and Tumblr from her other shop Cocoa & Hearts which I LOVE. All of her artwork on Cocoa & Hearts sells out so quickly that there’s a mailing list that will update you on when new art is put up. Her color swatch paintings are pretty and simple and I love them, but her large paintings are amazing; they’re colorful and abstract. If you’re a fan of bright colors then you’ll like her artwork. The iPhone case and note cards shown below are both based off Jen Ramos’s larger art on Cocoa & Hearts.

But this post is about MadeByGirl, not Cocoa & Hearts and MadeByGirl is all about prints, graphic and otherwise. Most of the pieces in this post are Jen’s very own artwork but MadeByGirl features other artists which is exposure for the artists and more variety for the customer. The Chanel No5 print for example was done by artist Anne Harwell who produces paintings and prints mostly featuring interior design silhouettes that are lighthearted and kind of pop art-ish. Whether you’re looking for a print, notecards, or fashion accessories, or even if you just want to follow a fun blog with great style, beauty, and design advice, check out MadeByGirl. Dan and I both love that cheetah print.

MadeByGirl Sitting Cheetah by Jen Ramos | Fancy Friday - Inspired by MadeByGirl

Sitting Cheetah by Jen Ramos | MadeByGirl

MadeByGirl Chanel No5 (Black) by Anne Harwell | Fancy Friday - Inspired by MadeByGirl

Chanel No5 (Black) by Anne Harwell | MadeByGirl

MadeByGirl iPhone Case (colors 223) | Fancy Friday - Inspired by MadeByGirl

iPhone Case (colors 223) by Jen Ramos | MadeByGirl

MadeByGirl Lipstick Dots Notecards | Fancy Friday - Inspired by MadeByGirl

Lipstick Dots Notecards by Jen Ramos | MadeByGirl


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