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HSWI July 2014

For July on ‘How She’d Wear It’ we’re going to explore athletic attire and this week is tennis inspired outfits. From the World Cup to Wimbledon this is probably one of the most exciting times for sports, in my opinion at least. I don’t really watch sports but there is something about the pomp and atmosphere of these events that have piqued my interest. Especially tennis since it is the only sport I actually enjoy playing, though I play so rarely that I’m the person who tries to kill the ball and hits it over the back fence into the street. Oops. But I’ve always admired tennis players for how quickly they move and react to each shot. Plus, they have cute outfits, with creative pockets. I mean come on, you knew I’d end up here right? I love tennis inspired clothing. Tennis skirts, tennis dresses, little jackets. But you don’t have to play tennis to take these styles and integrate them into your closet. Just look for halter styles, simple sheath or flared dresses, mini skirts, oh and lot’s of white. I fancied up these outfits below but you can wear sandals instead of heels and they’ll work just as well.

How She'd Wear It - Tennis Inspired Outfits Tennis Dress

1. BaubleBar Crystal Cord Collar

2. Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Watch in Gold

3. Dolce Vita Hexen

4. KEEPSAKE Countdown Tank Dress

5. Indio Beach Anorak

6. RGB Nail Polish in Violet

7. Danielle Nicole Cari Mint Crossbody Bag

When I think of tennis dresses I think of exposed shoulders, halter styles, and very simple pieces. This dress embodies that sporty vibe and is crazy fun – just check out the detail on the back. It is really a great example of simple being made sexy with the right accents and accessories. The idea of pairing an athletic jacket with exciting heels and a big sparkly necklace is out of the box which is why it’s great. Pops of color are perfect for this outfit to keep it in line with the athletic trend which is usually very colorful.

How She'd Wear It - Tennis Inspired Outfits Tennis Skirt

1. J.Crew Baracuta® G9 Jacket

2. Rebecca Minkoff Amorous Satchel

3. Amanda Uprichard Summer Cami

4. Alice + Olivia Linder Box Pleat Skirt

5. Joomi Lim London Calling Earrings in Rhodium

6. ASOS Flat Top Cat Eye Sunglasses

7. Joomi Lim Spike Bracelet in Matte Black/Hematite

8. Pour La Victoire Shanna Lace Up Sandals

Puttin’ on your tennis whites with this one. I’m in love with this jacket and have been waiting for the right moment to use it, but I wanted to keep going with the white so I added this pleated mini skirt. This outfit could have easily been paired with a t-shirt and tennis shoes but the hot pink tank made it nighttime appropriate, and I liked it too much. Sexy cat eye sunglasses, skull and pearl earrings, and lace up sandals. Who knew that accessories with so much attitude could work with tennis styles, but that pink tank top needs pieces that can stand up to it so why not some badassery?

– Julia of Style and Cheek

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