Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access 2014

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Our best sale of the year has begun | Nordstrom tumblr | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access 2014

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is coming up and for cardholders that means early access now.

Here are the details:

Early Access means you shop a week earlier than everyone else. Giving you access to products before they sell out. Save online and in store.

Earn double points on all Anniversary Sale purchases made with your Nordstrom credit or debit card (including selected Beauty & Fragrance and Grooming & Cologne purchases).

– Early Access ends July 17 at 7:30pm PDT (10:30pm EDT) and then it’s time for the public to get in on the fun! Anniversary Sale for all.

It’s weird being in on the Nordstrom’s early access side after being on the public side for so long. It’s like a secret society, but not really. I just want others to share in the fun. I recently became a Nordstrom debit card holder and was surprised that it gave me access to sales like this. The debit card is just connected to your bank account, you don’t need to pay anything. If you frequently shop at Nordstrom you may want to look into getting a Nordstrom debit card. This post isn’t sponsored by Nordstrom and honestly I don’t think they (the Nordy gods) even knows I or my blog exists, I’m just a long time shopper who was finally convinced to get a store debit card. And I have to say, the perks do make me want to spend more at Nordstrom. One thing that really irks me about Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale is that I always get overly excited about it right? I’ll see a product by a brand I’ve been eyeing for a while and think oh yes! this thing is on sale now and I can get it, but it always ends up being a weird version of that product. Like a different color or slightly different hardware. And that bugs the crap out of me. Why not give me a deal on the items I actually want? You know, the brand’s best seller. However, I then see products like the Natori Feathers bra on sale and I’m ecstatic because I love those bras, they aren’t just selling the weird funky colors, and it’s something I would easily buy multiples of.

For me, this Nordstrom Anniversary sale isn’t for buying a whole new wardrobe, it’s for picking up a few essentials that are luckily on sale and maybe a cute item here or there to add to my wardrobe or jewelry box. Last year I was lucky enough to find my Rag & Bone booties and could not be happier that I took the plunge. I was so apprehensive to buy them because I don’t really buy pricey pieces for myself, but every time I put them on I feel like a million bucks. What could be better than getting something you really, really want but also getting a deal? Here are seven deals I’m loving. One for every day of the week. Natori 'Feathers' Underwire Bra - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access 2014 Natori ‘Feathers’ Underwire Bra – I love this bra so much that I own multiple and want more. Not only is it comfortable, it’s so pretty. Nixon 'The 48-20' Chronograph Watch, 48mm - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access 2014 Nixon ‘The 48-20’ Chronograph Watch, 48mm – My splurge piece. Gotta love the preppy, nautical feel of this watch. Attilio Giusti Leombruni 'Bella' Ballet Flat - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access 2014 Attilio Giusti Leombruni ‘Bella’ Ballet Flat – Another beloved product. I wear these pretty much every day to work and have had them for years. Trouvé Leather Moto Jacket - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access 2014 Trouvé Leather Moto Jacket – A casual leather jacket for fall. Did I just say fall? Oh no. I need to go lay in the sun now but still, the jacket is cool. Wildfox 'La Femme' 55mm Sunglasses - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access 2014 Wildfox ‘La Femme’ 55mm Sunglasses – Who doesn’t need a new pair of sunnies? These retro sunglasses are so fun. Via Spiga 'Bijoux' Bootie - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access 2014 Via Spiga ‘Bijoux’ Bootie – Sexy ass boots. Like I said, my Rag & Bone booties I purchased last year were totally worth it and as a boot addict I don’t know if I can control myself, especially for skinny heeled booties like these. ASTR Floral Appliqué Lace Maxi Dress - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access 2014 ASTR Floral Appliqué Lace Maxi Dress – The slip dress is THE dress to have in your closet right now. Perfect to just slip on…ha get it? Cheap joke. But seriously, love that 90s flavor while it’s in.