The Makeup Lady – Charcoal Skincare

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The Makeup Lady

Have you noticed the buzz around charcoal skincare lately? And no I don’t mean weekend BBQ’s. Charcoal, or more specifically Bamboo Charcoal is all the buzz in the beauty industry these days. It’s an essential staple for your skin that you likely never knew about. What’s so amazing about this run of the mill summer grill out ingredient? It helps to absorb impurities, toxins while cleaning out your pores from drawing out all the gunk, oil, and dirt. It’s quickly becoming the super ingredient of the year with skincare so take note. Not many companies are marketing charcoal products….yet. But soon I bet we see an uptick in bamboo charcoal with every skincare product possible. I’ve long been a fan of Origins’ Active Charcoal mask and it’s been mentioned a time or two on the blog before. Slowly but surely there are more products to choose from; sponges, bar soaps, face scrubs and even towels! Yes all of these products contain charcoal! So get to shopping and purifying your skin.

The Makeup Lady - Charcoal Skincare

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– Jamie of The Lady and The Beard