Champagne is Always the Answer

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Style At Home: Caitlin Moran Of Glitter Guide | Champagne Inspired Gifts

Style At Home: Caitlin Moran Of Glitter Guide (you can find the above print at CinCin Vintage)

So you’re ready to party! It’s time to head to the store and pick out some sparkling, because lets face it, nothing feels more celebratory than champagne. Dan and I have a few bottles that we go back to again and again but if it’s a big occasion and we don’t want to drop dough on some Veuve we check out Wine Folly’s 7 Alternatives to Top Champagne Brands. This guide has yet to disappoint.

But you know what? Sometimes you don’t actually need a real bottle of delicious bubbly to celebrate. Sometimes the idea of poppin’ a cork and clinking glasses is enough to make you smile. Champagne (even imaginary) equals fun. For this post I’ve picked out some champagne themed items that feel almost as fun as the real thing but won’t come with a hangover.

Why does Julia have celebrating on her brain? Because I decided it’s time to change some things on the blog, and I’m really looking forward to trying out some new stuff. Change is exciting. A little scary but overall it’s good for the soul. I’m looking at a new layout for the blog, thinking about some cool video ideas, and there’s going to be some new themed posts. I know a lot of you might think “wow that’s enough for Julia to want to pop bottles and party?” Yes guys I’m really that pumped about changing up the blog! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the next few months and if there’s anything you’d like to see I’d love to hear from you, either in the comment section or social media. Pop bottles!

No Other Champagne Muscle Tee | Champagne Inspired Gifts

No Other Champagne Muscle Tee

Gold Foil "Champagne Taste" Print via CityComfortsDC | Champagne Inspired Gifts

Gold Foil “Champagne Taste” Print via: CityComfortsDC

Champagne Celebration Cards via AllisonCornu | Champagne Inspired Gifts

Champagne Celebration Cards via: AllisonCornu

Champagne Greeting Card via BeanieonHelinaINK | Champagne Inspired Gifts

Champagne Greeting Card via: BeanieonHelinaINK

Save Water Drink Champagne Tee via LifeLikeStreetwear | Champagne Inspired Gifts

Save Water Drink Champagne Tee