Happy Labor Day!

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Honestly Yum Maine Lobster Boil | Happy Labor Day

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Happy Labor Day! and Happy September! I hope everyone is having a good long weekend. It’s been pretty low key for us, which means no seafood extravaganza like the picture above. We even got our first day that felt like fall, complete with a fun downpour dash from our car to the store. The highlight of the weekend was walking around Molbak’s Garden + Home and then Barnes & Noble. Molbak’s already had Christmas stuff for sale which freaked me out. We walked past BBQ and outdoor furniture and right into the North Pole. I can barely handle the crunchy leaves on the ground. Are you guys ready for the holiday season? Or even just some cooler weather?

Growing up Barnes & Noble was a weekend staple. Friday night my family would go out to eat, hang out at Barnes & Noble, and then see a movie. It will always remind me of sitting in the aisle with a pile of books while waiting for my parents. Now I have a boyfriend who reads significantly more than I do and completely nerds out in bookstores.

At one point I ran into Dan in the fiction section and he carefully balanced his ten or so books on a shelf before he started handing me books that he had picked out for me to read. Then he took out his phone and scanned the books using the Goodreads app. If you don’t know about Goodreads and love books you should get it (it is free!), it is like bookworm heaven. I now have an online, organized list of books that will last me through all the rainy days of fall and winter.

On that note, I’m still working on Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence and need to read The Paris Wife by Paula McClain so I can return it to my mother. But honestly, I want a break from memoirs and historical fiction. Dan picked out the first book in the Veronica Mars series for me to read and I’d like to read Catching Air by Sarah Pekkanen. Have any of you heard or read her stuff?

What are you reading lately? Or eating? That’s a better question. Doesn’t that lobster boil look delicious?