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We recently edited our About page and added a Shop page on the blog. If you haven’t already scoped it out, I’m here today with a little show and tell of the changes.

First off, adding a new About page was a huge step for me. I’ve never enjoyed putting together my about description because it always turns out so stuffy or professional sounding, and that just doesn’t ring true for me. So I thought you know what? it’s time to just be myself. But not just talk about myself, because while Style and Cheek is mainly written by me, Julia, the blog also has contributors and it was time to talk a little about them. Since the screen cap below is so small I recommend going to the actual About page and reading it after reading this post. :)

Style and Cheek About page | Style and Cheek update

We have Dan, my boyfriend, someone who gets probably more attention on here than he’d like. He’s been in charge of writing the Pretty Little Liar recaps for the past two seasons. He loves pop culture and while many people think I made him write these recaps, he is the one who asked if he could do it. He’s also written a few posts about men’s style. His 30th birthday is on the 25th of this month! And he’s asked to do a Turning 30 post so look for that around the week of Sept 22nd.

And then there’s Jamie, who is our Makeup Lady and writes our Wednesday beauty posts. Jamie and I have been collaborating for the past year and a half and she runs her own blog The Lady and The Beard. Her beauty posts are a godsend because she’s so knowledgeable and always trying new products. This month look for her runway looks and fall beauty trends.

Style and Cheek Shop page | Style and Cheek update

Then we have our SHOP page! This is something I’m very excited about. I’d like to change up the design but for now I’m just happy it exists. The Shop page gets updated regularly with favorites so if there is something you see on there and love I suggest using one of the social media buttons to share it, specifically Pinterest (my personal favorite). If you hover over a piece you’ll notice the brand and price, but one small limitation with the widget I’m using is that it doesn’t factor in SALE prices, so if you’re interested in the product, click through and see if that piece is on sale. You may get lucky!

As always thanks for reading. We’d love to know what you think of the newest updates so feel free to leave a comment below. xo