Fall Coats for 2014 – It’s Time to Bundle Up!

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Since fall just started you maybe be wondering why I’m already writing about coats. Our weather, though rainy, is still quite warm and supposedly LA is still experiencing blistering heat (not like they need wool coats anyway) but I realize that it’s likely not cold enough for a coat just yet. So why a coat post? Well, I’m being proactive.

This year don’t be that person that waits to buy a coat until the weather tells you it’s time to bundle up. I do this every year and every year I’m stuck with slim pickings. And by slim pickings I mean there’s multiple months left of winter yet a coat section no longer exits. This seems like a strange phenomenon to me, especially living in Seattle where we can have gloomy weather 9 months out of the year and no one bats a rained-on-eyelash. But for the moment there are way too many cute options out there for you to miss out on a new favorite coat.

First I have to show you my coat crush. Yes, it’s Burberry. No, I can’t afford it (yet). And yes, it’s toggled. You would think that I would have gotten over my obsession since my Finding the Perfect Hooded Coat post back in 2012 but alas I have not. Once you go Burberry you never go back. My first loves were in camel and gray but this wine colored duffle coat might be my favorite. Seeing as I wear a lot of black, this is a much more romantic, yet completely appropriate choice.

A girl can dream but honestly I’d be happy with any of the coats shown below. ASOS has a great selection, J.Crew always has one or two great pieces, and Nordstrom has a range of nice coats. Where have you found your perfect coat for the season?

Burberry Brit 'Blackwell' Wool Duffle Coat | Fall Coats for 2014

Burberry Brit ‘Blackwell’ Wool Duffle Coat – While browsing at Nordstrom I was immediately drawn to the color of this coat. Black is the main color in my wardrobe and it would be nice to add some color (especially a favorite color) to my fall/winter outerwear collection. While it’s similar to previous Burberry toggle coat designs, this coat has a slimmer silhouette so it’s incredibly flattering. Oh and it’s beautiful. Drool.

ASOS Skater Biker Coat With Detachable Faux Fur Collar | Fall Coats for 2014

ASOS Skater Biker Coat With Detachable Faux Fur Collar – This coat is super cute! It’s probably my second favorite after Burberry because the shape is flattering and feminine. It comes in black, charcoal, or red and I honestly love every color. The black felt ‘retro spy’ so I chose that one. One major plus is that the faux fur collar is detachable, which is great if you love the look of the fur for dry days but live somewhere that rains.

ASOS Coat in Midi Swing Trapeze | Fall Coats for 2014

ASOS Coat in Midi Swing Trapeze – An unusual pick for me because of my height, but I love the drama of this coat. I watched the runway video on ASOS and the movement of the coat when the model turned won me over. This shade of gray perfect for those who have a lot of lighter colors in their closet.

Mcginn 'Camille' Wool Blend Knit Coat | Fall Coats for 2014

Mcginn ‘Camille’ Wool Blend Knit Coat – An oversized, loose car coat with a wonderful vintage vibe. This type of coat is great for dresses, especially shift dresses because the coat is meant to stay open. The color is rich, the loose style makes it easy to layer, and the cut is simple yet elegant.

J.Crew Classic Duffle Coat | Fall Coats for 2014

J.Crew Classic Duffle Coat – I tried this on the last time I was in J.Crew and it’s super comfortable. J.Crew coats always look nice and they’re sturdy which is even better. It runs a little large so I ended up fitting into a size smaller than usual. My favorite parts of the coat include the smooth lining and the oversized details, including the button at the neck to keep the cold air out.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Double Breasted Wool Blend Peacoat | Fall Coats for 2014

Lauren Ralph Lauren Double Breasted Wool Blend Peacoat – Since this an online only product I figured it would be a nice addition to our coat post. It also comes in navy which is a cute, preppy option. I added this to the collection because it’s a classic staple. Everyone needs a peacoat in their life.


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