Lunch Hour Links

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It’s lunch hour links time. This week we’ve got a roundup of a few things I’m totally obsessed with including Gone Girl and Jake Gyllenhaal’s weirdness, as well as some tasty treats to try before we’re all drowning in eggnog.

Check out the links below and have a great weekend everybody!

  1. Gone Girl has been out for awhile now and I am still obsessed. Having not read the book I went into the movie blind, just knowing I’d probably like it because it’s David Fincher. Low and behold, it completely blew my mind and is my favorite movie of year. It has so much going for it; it’s suspenseful, it’s funny, its sexy, it’s beyond twisted. The soundtrack is phenomenal with its overly saccharine notes becoming warped and eerie. And the acting is spot on, specifically Rosamund Pike and Carrie Koon, but kudos to Ben Affleck and (yes) Tyler Perry. Yes, I’m really hyping this up but honestly you just need to go see it. via Grantland
  2. This Old Cuban cocktail sounds absolutely delicious. It’s basically a mojito (yum) plus sparkling (double yum). What could be better? via Honestly Yum
  3. Dan and I have been watching The Mind of a Chef on Netflix lately, we’re still on Season 1 which follows Chef David Chang (of Momofuku fame), and we’re totally nerding out. It’s a PBS show narrated by Anthony Bourdain that’s on its third season, the first two seasons are on Netflix. Dan and I are learning a ridiculous amount and have already tried (and failed) to experiment with one of the new techniques we saw on the show. via PBS
  4. If there are two things I love it’s cider and cheese so this Cider and Cheese Pairings + Citrus Marmalade post courtesy of Junebug Weddings and Lisa Dupar Catering was right up my alley. Both Junebug Weddings and Lisa Dupar Catering are local companies so there’s a bit of Washington state pride in this one. via Junebug Weddings
  5. Olivia Palermo always looks stunning but this photo from her Phill Taylor shoot is particularly gorgeous. The light in this photoshoot is mesmerizing and beautiful and perfect and omg I’m drooling. via Phill Taylor
  6. The movie Nightcrawler is nuts and it’s all because Jake Gyllenhaal is brilliant at playing sociopaths. He’s so maniacally confident and amoral in this movie it’s uncomfortable and yet satisfying. If people like this really do exist, wow I’m staying indoors…forever. Nightcrawler also has some of the most unnerving music you’ll ever hear in a movie. Think uplifting music that normally would be playing in a movie about a likable character chasing an admirable goal, but in this case the triumphant music plays while Jake is doing and saying awful awful things. Sounds fun right? via YouTube
  7. The Free People November Catalog came out the other day and it’s filled with some very sparkly, dramatic goodies, specifically these Jeffrey Campbell After Dark Boots. They’re the best kind of showstoppers. via Free People