A Very Style and Cheek PNW Gift Guide

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Though I live in the Pacific Northwest, I don’t actually live in one of those signature cultural hubs, like Seattle or Portland. I live in a small town outside of Seattle across Lake Washington, and don’t often get down to Seattle to shop. So it was a little difficult for me to put together a Pacific Northwest only gift guide because I’m just not as familiar. There is not a bustling city full of boutiques and coffee shops right outside my door, but I do live very close to wineries, breweries, and distilleries. Needless to say I know a little bit more about the wine and whiskey featured below than I do about the local fashion scene in Seattle. But don’t worry, I have more than a few homegrown Pac-NW products to share with you today.

Living in my little bubble makes brands MakrBox seem really cool. I’m a bit of a homebody and for better or worse really end up sticking to brands and products I know best, but that does not mean I’m averse to trying new things. I just need to be introduced to them…or have them conveniently delivered to my door in a cute little box. There are a lot of subscription boxes and product bundling clubs popping up these days, but MakrBox takes the cake because of the wide assortment of handmade products they’ll send. You may have seen my photo on Instagram of my MakrBox goodies I received a few weeks ago. I love the note cards and finally used the honey the other night (drizzled on a blue cheese smothered baguette). Yumm!

If you’re interested in signing up for MakrBox, I have a surprise for you! Style and Cheek readers get 30% off their first subscription box using the code STYLEANDCHEEK30, the code is valid through Dec. 31, 2014! :)

PNW Gift Guide with Style and Cheek

1. MakrBox Stocking Stuffers for Her – High quality gift boxes are great options this holiday season because they let loved ones try out a whole bunch of items for the price of one. Personally, there are few things as fun as rummaging through a gift box or grab-bag and discovering what new goodies I get to play with.

2. Jonquil & Mr. Black It’s Not Me, It’s You Custom Bag – I met Jordan Christianson at the Seattle Blogger Brunch and the vision behind his brand Jonquil and Mr. Black is compelling. The way he crafts his It’s Not Me, It’s You bags is pretty in depth and almost guaranteed to satisfy.

3. Moorea Seal Fortress Cuff – This cuff is from Moorea’s jewelry line and comes in different colors, but these marbled howlite stones really pop against the gold. P.S. Moorea is having a secret sale. 15% off all bags and scarves until Friday for Instagram and Pinterest followers with code SECRETSANTA. Follow Moorea Seal on Instagram and Pinterest and enjoy the savings.

4. Delman Black Quilted Flats from Luxury on Demand – I’ve talked about Luxury on Demand a few times on the blog; it’s a high high highest end consignment store in Seattle that always seems to have great pieces at deep discounts. Grab these quilted flats quick before somebody snatches them.

5. Cushion Cut Decor Stag Silhouette Pillow – I met Trinity through a mutual friend and was so excited to find out she runs her own business making home decor pieces with soft textiles, including this cute stag pillow. This pillow would go great with your holiday decor.

6. Silvae Logan Sweatshirt Sweater – I love pieces that are versatile and this sweater fits the bill. It’s warm and comfy enough to lounge in but stylish enough to wear layered with a longer button down, leather leggings, and a pair of booties.

7. Alexandria Nicole Cellars 2011 Quarry Butte – This is an incredibly drinkable $25 bottle of wine. I used to work for Alexandria Nicole Cellars so I am very close to this wine and tasted it regularly. I’ve tried a lot of wine since but this is a great bottle to have on hand, whether you’re opening it up to drink with pizza or having a few friends over for some cheese and crackers.

8. Beecher’s Curds – Speaking of cheese and crackers! You have to pick up some Beecher’s flagship crackers and cheese curds for the holiday season. My cousin Jenn brought some cheese curds to a family get together and I swear we all stood around the container snatching bites like vultures. They’re addictive!

9. Beecher’s Flagship Crackers – These crackers are like fancy cheeseitz. We usually have these on hand for snacking because they’re great for dips, with cheese and salami, or solo.

10. Pike Place Fish Market Alderwood Smoked Belly Strips – If you like these you might want to try the smoked salmon candy. Salmon is a rite of passage out here and nothing tastes like Seattle more than these delicious snacks.

11. Woodinville Whiskey Co. The Microbarreled™ Collection – After hearing rave reviews about Woodinville Whiskey, Dan and I are taking our friend from out of town to do whiskey tasting there next week. I am not a big whiskey girl but I have been slowly developing a taste for whiskey based fancy mixed drinks. The better the whiskey, the better the drink.