Holiday Gift Guide for the Hostess

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We’re here with our last gift guide of the season, for the hostess. Besides gift giving/wrapping/opening, holiday parties are the best at bringing out my holiday cheer. But there is a catch, figuring out what gift to bring to the host(s) of a party is stressful! Do you have a special place in the closet just for hostess gifts? Or do you scramble at the last second to find an appropriate gift only to settle on a safe choice (bottle of wine)? I’m a mixture. I’m never quite organized enough to already have the perfect thing sitting in my closet. This is why I really appreciate gift guides for the hostess because sometimes I just get stuck and think, I don’t want to add one more anonymous bottle to the counter. Wine is a welcome gift, obviously, but it’s been done.

Hostess gift guides are also great for last minute present ideas. They’re usually filled with cute things that can almost always make a welcome gift; you’re bound to find something that crazy Aunt Lucy would like, an extra goodie for your bestie, or even a stocking stuffer for you significant other. Gift guides are really just a shortcut to finding the really fun stuff, and yes I’d certainly love to find most of these presents in my stocking. My favorites on this list include Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food cookbook, the gorgeous plum colored Brahms throw, and the super bright napkins. I hope you enjoy this guide and be sure to check out my other gift guides: For Him, For Her, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and my PNW gift guide. There are too many good things!

Holiday Gift Guide for The Hostess | Style and Cheek

1. Gift Boutique RABLABS Pedra Coasters – The agate trend is still going strong and thank goodness because these are the most beautiful coasters I’ve seen.

2. C. Wonder Leopard Bottle Stopper – This gold leopard bottle stopper instantly classes up any bar cart.

3. Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food: The Ultimate Weekend Cookbook – I’d recommend any Jamie Oliver cookbook as a gift but Comfort Food, his most recent cookbook, is a perfect wintertime choice. All I have to say is Insanity Burger. Drool.

4. kate spade NEW YORK Java Place Berrie – A perfect gift for a beauty obsessed friend because who doesn’t need another cute makeup bag?

5. Beer and Food Pairing Card Set of 4 from Moorea Seal – Cute cards make for an easy gift and are great to keep on hand. These beer and food pairing cards are no exception.

6. Brahms Mount Herringbone Throw in Plum – A nice throw is a luxe gift and always a good addition to a home. I love the rich plum color of this throw, but it also comes in eight other colors including the lovely dove gray.

7. Eclectic Mini Candle Gift Set by Tom Dixon from Anthropologie – Candles are also an easy gift but go for a candle (or three) that come in gorgeous holders so your giftee can reuse them to store makeup brushes, q-tips, even hair ties.

8. Lorna Jane MNB Dairy 2015 – Know someone with a busy schedule that still somehow always gets their workout in? With the popularity of crossfit, I’m sure you do. Give them this Move Nourish Believe daily planner that features healthy seasonal recipes and move challenges throughout.

9. Urban Accents Artisan Salts – Finishing salts are a wonderful gift for your friends who love to cook. It’s one of those items that people aren’t likely to splurge on for themselves. This trio features Himalayan pink salt, gray salt from France, and black lava salt from Hawaii.

10. Black and Gold Foil Cocktails Matches – If you buy someone candles this year, add some cute matches. They look great placed near the candles and are extremely fun for those pyros who love lighting wood matches (not that I’m calling myself out or anything).

11. Compartes Australia Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Macadamia Chocolate Bar – You can’t go wrong with chocolate. The fancier and yummier sounding the better. Think a bar isn’t enough? How about some truffles instead?

12. Sequin Seahorse Ornament and Frosted Donut Ornament – Gifting unique little ornaments is a great idea because you have such a variety to choose from that you could choose anything from classic glass balls to a sparkly seahorse or donut!

13. Floral Harvest Dinner Napkins – Colorful napkins! Napkins are an essential part of any place setting, so why not spice things up with some fun printed ones?

14. Key Bottle Opener from World Market – I have two versions of this bottle opener and I always get compliments on them. Since they don’t look like normal openers, they look lovely on a bar cart or coffee table.

15. La Marca Prosecco – Alcohol! And even better, sparkling alcohol! This is a delicious prosecco at a great price. Plus, the bottle with its Tiffany blue packaging is really pretty. :)