Happy 3rd Birthday Style and Cheek!

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Hazelnut Blackberry Cake with Mascarpone Cream | The Artful Desperado | Happy 3rd Birthday Style and Cheek

First of all, doesn’t that cake look delicious?! via: Hazelnut Blackberry Cake with Mascarpone Cream | The Artful Desperado

Secondly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Style and Cheek!

Is it weird that I think, “wow, this blog is only three years old?” Because three years doesn’t seem very long, yet in my mind Style and Cheek feels like it has been around for so much longer, though not in a bad way. I guess thinking about this birthday gives me a fresh perspective. Looking back on the whirlwind of these last three years I see the areas where I’ve grown, where I can improve, and where I want to go. And where do I want to go? To the moon! I just want to keep going, to keep moving forward with new types of posts, new content, and an ever-sharpening skill set (including my photography skills). In my mind Style and Cheek has just begun, there’s a lot more I want to do and share with you and that’s exactly what I’m excited for in 2015.

A lot has happened in the last year – I redesigned the blog, picked up steam working with brands, met some awesome bloggers including my blogger friend Jamie (and her husband Adam) from The Lady and The Beard, and bought a camera. I’m a little nervous to finally be putting my face back on Style and Cheek but this is really an exciting time. I feel like we’re on the verge of being the blog I imagined when I started off on WordPress 3 years back. So here are the three big things you can look forward to from Style and Cheek in 2015.

Plans for 2015:

1. Personal style posts – Remember posts like these? Good, because they’re coming back, but this time I’ve got a quality camera of my own to capture the magic (or the insanity).

2. FOOD posts – We’re going to share some recipes with you because, well, who doesn’t love food? Dan and I are amping ourselves up to write some recipes, cook some food, snap some pics, and eat the leftovers. We’re not only planning on taking pictures of the food we make, we’re going to document the good food & drink we run into that you guys can go out and try yourselves.

3. More original content overall – having my own camera means I’m not only going to be posting pictures of myself and of the food Dan and I make, it means you guys should be ready for pics from every style related event that I go to. I’m going to sleep with this camera around my neck.

Now celebrate!

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