How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – Winter Loungewear

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You’ve spent all day playing in the snow, walking the wintery streets stopping in boutiques and gift shops, now you’re back at the lodge and it’s not quite time to get dolled up for a romantic dinner. What do you do? You bundle up, grab a book, maybe get some tea, and head for the nearest cozy spot to curl up. To maximize the comfort in a scenario like this, we’re taking aspen chic elements like shearling and fair isle and incorporating them into loungewear. These comfy but appropriate outfits are perfect for anyone who wants to be cozy and cute this holiday season.

How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek - Winter Loungewear

1. H&M Mohair-blend Sweater

2. Gilt Metallic Ball Ornaments

3. Minnetonka ‘Cally’ Slipper

4. Marc By Marc Jacobs Salty Preztel Stud Earrings

5. Edith A. Miller For J.Crew Knit Pant

6. Zara T-shirt with Lace Detail

7. Margaret Elizabeth Diamond 2 Stone Bangle in Lapis

8. Margaret Elizabeth Emerald 2 Stone Bangle in Chrysoprase

9. H&M Ragg Socks

There are two types of loungewear: loungewear you wear in private and loungewear that’s appropriate to wear in front of people say, on Christmas morning with a bunch of extended family, friends, and possible future in-laws. This outfit is that second type. The polka dot knit pants might look like pajamas but they’re actually chic sweatpants. The lace fringed black shirt will peak out just enough of the red mohair Christmas sweater to give this otherwise festive and sweet outfit a little bit of edge. This is likely not only the outfit you’ll be wearing for Christmas breakfast, but also for when you open up presents. And present opening usually means picture taking, so you’ll want to look a bit more put together; why not finish off this look with stylish accessories like colorful bangles, and fun gold cuffed socks.

How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek - Winter Loungewear

1. Topshop Fair Isle Fleece Robe

2. J.Crew Women’s Metallic Shearling Scuffs

3. J.Crew Vintage Short-Sleeve Pajama Set

4. Splendid Supima Cotton And Modal-Blend Top

5. BaubleBar Solo Pendant

6. Ban.Do Hot Stuff Thermal Mug, Blah Blah

7. RGB Rose Gold Nail Lacquer

Here are a few wintery things everyone needs: a nice robe, comfy slippers, a lovely pajama set, and a shirt (or two) that also work with the pj pants on their own. The key here is comfort, so I went with cotton pjs and a cotton shirt. The fleece robe with the unicorn and swan fair isle print is both comfortable and cute, but this outfit is a little too casual to be worn when you have a bigger audience than just your hubby/boyfriend, kids, or pets. And since this month is focused on aspen chic, there’s a bit of a travel vibe to this outfit with the adorable thermal mug you can use to caffeinate while you chill out with a good book by the fire. While jewelry is not the first thing I’d think of for a lounge outfit there are tons of people who wear jewelry 24/7 and this delicate pedant necklace fits perfectly with this ensemble. To top it off I’ve thrown in some gold nail polish because let’s face it, painting your nails is one of the best lounging activities.

– Julia of Style and Cheek

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