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Merry Christmas everyone! What are your Christmas plans?

Dan and I spent our Christmas Eve just the two of us, watching movies, drinking, and stuffing our face with bread, salmon dip, clams, and king crab. Our little tradition. We watched Bad Santa which I had never seen, and The Hundred-Foot Journey which was exactly what I hoped it would be – a feel-good, sweet movie about really great food and those who love making it. I definitely suggest it if you’re looking for a good movie to watch with family, unless you grew up in a house like mine where Bad Santa may be a more sensible family movie choice.

Today we’re headed to my parent’s house for what might be our last Christmas in the house I grew up in. My parent’s are looking to downsize but who knows, I might be saying the same thing next year. Either way it’s a weird feeling. I always imagined my parents growing old in this house, renovating it to suit their changing needs, bringing my future children over to play in the big backyard. But at the same time I imagine my parents traveling the world together and they don’t really need a family size house and yard anymore. C’est la vie. But today I’m just excited to sit back and relax, maybe watch another fun movie, or lose to my mom in Rummikub (she’s very competitive). Christmas is about taking stock of what you’ve got, and I’m a pretty lucky lady. I hope you all have a lovely day, however you’re spending it. Cheers! :)

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