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Good times become good memories; Bad times become good lessons | KushandWizdom (TheGoodVibe) | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

2014 was a big year. We had a whirlwind first few months with moving into a new apartment, going down to New Orleans for a wedding, I started a new job, and we were lucky enough to meet blogger friend Jamie and her husband Adam when they came to visit Seattle. And that was all in the first few months. Dan and I both went through different joyous and stressful job experiences. I lost two grandparents which I didn’t feel comfortable sharing here, but it resulted in a lot of reflection. And with my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew now living in California it made the holidays feel a little lonely and a lot more quiet. Dan’s car broke down right before Christmas, a bit of an inconvenience, but it has actually made for some interesting bonding experiences – the two of us taking the bus together for the first time, as well as hanging out with my older brother who is here visiting and nice enough to drive us around. I feel like it’s gotten Dan to slow down a little and not rush around so much, there’s more thought behind what we do, where we go, and how we get there.

But honestly, the biggest part of 2014 for me has been this blog. Style and Cheek turned 3 this year and I spent some time reflecting on the changes and my plans for future posts. It was an important year for the blog – I got a new layout, had my first sponsored post and giveaway, went to my first Seattle blogger brunch, started a newsletter (shameless plug: subscribe for the newsletter if you haven’t already), and watched the blog grow; getting more views than ever. It was really hard to narrow down this list to just my 15 favorite posts from the past year because I like our content so much more now. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to work on this blog and working on posts like these is a big reason why.

What were some of your favorite posts this year? What would you like to see more of in 2015? I’d love your feedback and hope you enjoy this little flashback.

Fantastic tomato & fennel salad with flaked barbecued fish Italian-style herby fish with balsamic dressing | | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

Summer Crostini Party | Honestly Yum | Pinterest Picks - End of Summer Recipes | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

1. This might have been my favorite year for food we cooked at home, all thanks to the extraordinarily good weather we enjoyed through spring and summer and the BBQ grills at our apartment complex. We spent quite a lot of time trying Jamie Oliver recipes and tried to eat as much fresh summery food as possible. I can only hope that 2015 is just as delicious.

High school buddies at Justin and Kathryn's Wedding February 2014 | Justin and Kathryn's New Orleans Wedding | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

2. In February we went to New Orleans for Kathryn and Justin’s wedding and it was probably the shortest, craziest, best trip we’ve ever taken. We were only in New Orleans for 48 hours but it was jam-packed. This might have been my favorite event of the whole year because I got to spend it with my childhood friends.

Steal vs Splurge April 2014 | The Makeup Lady | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

3. I love what Jamie comes up with for her weekly beauty posts. While I tend to gravitate toward the “fun” posts this Steal vs Splurge roundup was not only helpful, it is a reader favorite. It’s a lot of work putting these types of posts together but my fingers are crossed for another steal vs splurge post from Jamie in 2015.

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals | Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Were The Best Dressed Couple at The 2014 Met Gala - The Huffington Post | Pinterest Picks - Blake Lively is a Goddess Blake Lively Red Carpet Dresses 2014 | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

Blake Lively's Baby Shower Bringing up Baby | Preserve - Photography by Eric Lively - Blake Lively's Preserve | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

4. Oh Blake Lively, you are the perfect woman. Not only is she one of my style icons who constantly kills it on the red carpet, she is a businesswoman who is behind one of my newest favorite lifestyle brands Preserve. As if she wasn’t already inspiring enough as is, she goes and starts a gorgeous business.

Lorna Jane Dash Excel Tank back | Lorna Jane Review and Giveaway with Style and Cheek |Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

5. I did my first giveaway this year when I partnered with Lorna Jane which was crazy exciting! At first I was really anxious about posting photos of myself in activewear on the blog. But doing this post exposed me to a bunch of other people who are into active living and sharing their experiences, so don’t be surprised if more fitness posts pop up on the blog in 2015.

Diane von Furstenberg printed silk-georgette wrap dress | Fancy Friday - Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Dresses | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

6. Does anyone else feel like 2104 was Diane von Furstenberg’s year? From her reality show House of DVF to her book “The Woman I Wanted To Be” and her book tour (which I sadly missed!), Diane was everywhere. My ode to DVF wrap dresses was actually incidental as I was totally unaware of the show and book tour but after exploring my local DVF store I just felt compelled to share my affection for this iconic stylish, sexy designer with you readers. You cannot deny a brand that knows how to dress a woman.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Beauty | Pinterest Picks - Fall 2014 Runway Hairstyle Inspiration | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

7. One topic I absolutely love but don’t feel like I post enough about is hairstyles. This is probably because I’m not really good at hair but I really like hairstyle inspiration and still pray that one day I’ll be miraculously blessed with hair skills. Until then I am more than happy to admire the hairstyles I see on the runway.

How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek - Menswear Wool Blazers | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

8. It was insanely difficult to pick just one ‘How She’d Wear It’ post for this roundup. Whether it was the trends we covered, the pieces available, or finding my groove with outfit creation, I seriously loved so many of the HSWI trends this year. This one about menswear blazers was so pretty but I have to mention: Fancy SweatpantsDenim on Denim, and Duck Boots.

Recreate The Look Michael Kors | The Makeup Lady | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

9. When I said “fun” makeup posts, this Michael Kors look is what I meant. Jamie is great at figuring out how to replicate beautiful looks like this one, probably because she LOVES makeup. She loves makeup so much that she constantly uses herself as a guinea pig, trying new products and then sharing her favorites with us on the blog.

J.Crew Ludlow Spread-Collar Shirt in Burgundy Gingham | 10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials for Men | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

10. While Style and Cheek’s demographic is mostly female, there are a decent amount of male readers (I post about food. C’mon, who doesn’t love food?). But I like to think that they’re also interested in style and I am more than willing to show you great menswear pieces, especially seasonal essentials. Male readers, if you want more posts like this one speak up!

Bridal Beauty with Loverly: The Cat Eye | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

11. This post could have been so much more! And for reasons I won’t get into, these collages are a little bittersweet. In any event I’m particularly proud of these collages and the work I put into this post. It was really challenging, but fun, to create a unique beauty look for two GORGEOUS wedding dresses. I’m no makeup pro but this post might be a template for some fun makeup/hair/outfit posts somewhere down the line.

Finger Sucking Roasted Beer Duck | Lady and Pups | Pinterest Picks - Thanksgiving Alternatives to Turkey | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

12. This food post, specifically the roasted beer duck, has brought in so much traffic from Pinterest. It was almost instantly my most popular post this year. What this showed me was that I will never know what will bring the blog attention. In reality this was just a simple post that was written because I was struggling to come up with ideas for an alternative Thanksgiving menu.

For Love and Lemons Pot Pourri Lace Dress from Nasty Gal | 6 Perfect New Year's Eve Dresses | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

13. Hands down, THIS dress from our roundup of 6 perfect New Year’s Eve dresses defined pretty for us. This look is utter perfection and everything we love here on Style and Cheek – lace, braids, cat eyes, ladylike looks, and a bit of romance.

For Love and Lemons Peek-a-Boo T Back Bralette | The Prettiest Winter Lingerie | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

14. I tend to post more about comfortable loungewear or bra/panties than I do about sexy lingerie but that doesn’t mean I don’t love me some pretty underthings. 2014 was a fantastic year for lingerie where classic sexy shapes and styles seemed to find common ground with the upward-trending boho inspired brands.

Cocktail Hour Blackberry Thyme Sparkler | The Effortless Chic | Six Champagne Cocktails to Try this Winter | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

15. I’ve done cocktail posts in the past but this one on champagne cocktails was by far my favorite. This may have something to do with my love of sparkling so there’s some bias but it’s honestly a beautiful post. We ended up drinking the St-Germain signature cocktail on New Year’s Eve because it was so easy – just St-Germain and brut rose. Yum!

  • Jamie Buchanan (@theladybuchanan)
    January 2, 2015

    Cheers to what 2014 brought to both of us! We both went through so much, in many different ways and grew from it. I never knew about your grandparents (lots of hugs and love for you) but I know you’re a stronger person from it all. All of these posts were definitely some of my favorites and I’m glad I’m in there twice :) #11 was one of my more recent favorites and loved your bridal beauty collage. It was perfect!

    Here’s to 2015 and all the amazing things we plan to do!

    • Style & Cheek
      January 2, 2015

      Thank you for the sweet comment Jamie. :) It was an interesting but really good year. We definitely had a lot going on. I’m really thankful that I have you as the makeup person who adds something to the blog that I can’t provide as well as you. Thanks for reading and being my collaborator. Cheers to 2015!

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