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The start of each new year tends to make me think about home decorating. The house is a little disheveled from the holidays, Christmas decorations may even still be out, and like the beginning of spring it’s time to turn over a new leaf. 2015 has begun and now is when I start thinking about how I want my home to look (and feel) compared to 2014 – what is the next step, what are the next pieces to make my home feel more like my home.

That restless jonzing to give my apartment a makeover was especially strong this past weekend. Sometime last week I pulled a muscle in my neck and shoulder doing pilates, and ended up unable to really move around. As a couch potato I would normally embrace this stasis but given that I had no choice but to stay in one spot it drove me a little nutty. All of the sitting and not being able to clean or workout really had me focused on my surroundings. We still have our Christmas tree up, our walls are as bare as they were the day we moved in, and we haven’t added much of anything to the apartment we’ve lived in for almost a year.

The one good thing about being stuck in my apartment basically for the last 72 hours is that it got my creative juices flowing. Specifically, it got me thinking not just about how to transform our current space but I once again started thinking about the type of home I want to live in down the road. We’re very lucky to have an apartment with a lot of light. That’s my #1 priority in a living space – a lot of light. I also tend to love white walls, cabinets, tiles, crown molding, anything with a classic look. My love of traditional often conflicts with my love of eclectic style. Think bold colors, metallics, and a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces. It is not always easy to achieve this style as there has to be visual cohesion between the pieces used in the environment, which is why keeping a fairly neutral color palette is important because it allows the traditional or quirky/modern details to mesh and evoke that eclectic vibe I crave.

Today I have a lot of black and white to keep things fresh and crisp for the new year but I wanted to pick stunner spaces whether it’s the shape of the windows, the bright jewel tones pieces, or a huge sign that reads, “DRUGS,” splayed across the room. These rooms are dramatic and perfect for those in need of some eclectic glamour design inspiration this new year.

Land of Contrasts | decordemon | Interior Inspiration: Eclectic Glamour

Land of Contrasts | decordemon – That purple Louis XVI chair is my interior design dream. The bright purple pops against the stark black and white styling from the striped rug, blackboard, buffalo skull, even the black and white photo of Picasso. Sleek lines pair well with detailed carvings and lacey details.

when a rustic interior isn't all rustic | My Design File | Interior Inspiration: Eclectic Glamour

when a rustic interior isn’t all rustic | My Design File – A shiny silver tiled backsplash sure makes a statement in this clean black and white kitchen. And the industrial pendant lights give this glamorous glittery kitchen the rustic feel it needs.

Eden Series | Boca Do Lobo | Interior Inspiration: Eclectic Glamour

Eden Series | Boca Do Lobo – The Chesterfield couch is the standout here but you really can’t ignore the collection of gold tables or the black painting. These details work well with the crown molding to give this room a kind of modernized palatial feel.

WANDERLUST: The Parker Palm Springs | Rue Mag | Interior Inspiration: Eclectic Glamour

WANDERLUST: The Parker Palm Springs | Rue Mag – Who doesn’t love a huge sign that says, “Drugs” on their living room wall? This sign is courtesy of designer Jonathan Adler who designed The Parker hotel in Palm Springs. Love the eye-catching design and use of color in this bright, open space.

Inside Out March issue sneak peek - photography by Armelle Habib | FANCY! Design Blog | Interior Inspiration: Eclectic Glamour

Inside Out March issue sneak peek – photography by Armelle Habib | FANCY! Design Blog – A rustic, urban bathroom with gorgeous large white tiles. While I love the simplicity of this room, I’d add color with a bright rug.

10 of the Most Beautiful Work Spaces | Style Files | Interior Inspiration: Eclectic Glamour

10 of the Most Beautiful Work Spaces | Style Files – This brightly lit work space looks idyllic. Though you can’t completely see the arched windows you know that they are the star of this room. The modern, rustic feel is achieved by adding a black semi-distressed wood desk and white metal chair.


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