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The Makeup Lady

This week it’s all about the men in your life. Guys, if there was ever a time to pay attention this is the moment. Beard care and upkeep is the trendy “it” thing these days. Long beards are as popular as the ombre once was. As more men fine tune their look they are becoming more aware of the products that can be used to groom and take care of their facial hair. The products out there aren’t just meant for the long beard wearing men. They can be used for the shorter bearded men that prefer a bit of facial hair but not something that is hanging down to their chest. Whether your man prefers a shorter or more extreme beard look, we have something covered for everyone.

My husband has sported every length of facial hair since we started dating. Currently he is in the process of growing his beard out because, well…he can. He wasn’t really into facial grooming products until recently. Partially because I wanted him to try it and mainly because he’s shallow enough to be into his grooming. Most men don’t think adding product to their beard is worth it but I’m here to tell you otherwise. There are 3 easy C’s to remember – Cleanse, Condition, and Comb.

Cleansing is key! Just like you wash your hair, face, and body, cleansing the beard is important. Why? Would you want to walk around with a beard that smells like dried skin and sweat? I didn’t think so. Cleansing 2x a week is all that you need. Facial hair could have a tendency to dry out faster than the hair on your head. Plus your skin is already doing some of the work for you by producing oils to keep it naturally hydrated. Try this Billy Jealousy Beard Wash because it looks manly enough from the bottle.

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash | Beard Grooming | The Makeup Lady

Next up…conditioner! My husband is known to use my super awesome expensive conditioners to hydrate his beard. At first I thought it was weird but it’s pretty essential. Yes your face is producing natural oils but a weekly condition can help to soften the coarse hair that you’re familiar with on your face. This can be done in the form of a conditioning cream or a beard oil. They sometimes come in scents, which is a win to keep from smelling foul. Tree Ranger Beard Oil from beardbrand smells great and is easy to use.

Tree Ranger Beard Oil | Beard Grooming | The Makeup Lady

Lastly you need to comb that beard. It gets tangled quite easily and I don’t think you want to build a birds nest which can quickly become intolerable and you’re left with only one solution – shaving it all off. Being vain here and there isn’t a bad thing. The beardbrand comb is pocket size and looks manly enough to keep the lady in your life away from stealing it.

beardbrand comb | Beard Grooming | The Makeup Lady

Cleanse, condition. and comb. All in a days work. With Valentine’s Day coming up a gift set is perfect or even a professional shave treatment from a Barber Spa is all the rage these days for men. Treat yo self!


– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!