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The Makeup Lady

I mentioned at the beginning of the year how The Makeup Lady was going through a “makeover” of sorts. This is the first taste of that change. I am renaming the monthly Must Haves to the Edit. Why? If you’re not fond of change, grab my hand and know it will be okay. As an avid reader of everything beauty related, I find more than just products to be shared each month. There is so much information that I want to bring to the monthly posts that I figured an “Edit” was more appropriate than Must Haves. I’m literally editing down my favorites, must haves, best picks, good reads and everything in between that is beauty related.

This month I’m rounding up some of my favorite must have products and some light reading material as well, because who doesn’t want to read about Nicole Richie’s new hot pink hair color. I mean, this lady can do no wrong when it comes to fun hair, unless we’re talking about her Simple Life hair then…eeek. And face oils…are you a fan? have you tried them? have you heard about Kypris? Sound off with a comment below and let me know what you think of facial oils and what they can do for the complexion.

January Edit | The Makeup Lady - January Beauty Edit

  • Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Ice Queen – featured in January’s Recreate The Look it’s the perfect eyeshadow quad for the ultimate 70’s boho smoky eye. If Rachel Zoe loves it, then I do too! The colors work well alone or in any combination for the ultimate sexy, smoldering eye.
  • Benefit Cosmetics High Brow – the perfect addition to your eye brow regime. I like to use this product not only for highlighting right under the arch of my brow, but also for when I do eyebrow maintenance. I lightly outline my eye brow so I know where to tweeze and what to avoid.
  • Vain Pursuits – little known fact…I won a free year of my customized moisturizer from Vain Pursuits. Talk about a happy new year! Aside from winning free moisturizer for a year (Thanks to Ava’s adorable face) Vain Pursuits is a great concept for those that want something more out of their facial moisturizers. It’s customized to you, for you, and will end up being the best moisturizer you’ve used on your face. Stop wasting money on boring store brands that may or may not work for your skin and try out the tester kit to get your 3 customized formulas.
  • MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick – every penny spent on this hot pink hue go towards the MAC AIDS Fund. You may or may not be a fan of Miley Cyrus but Viva Glam is always a great idea because the money goes towards something real and to help those in need. Plus if you get a great lip color out of it, why not. Am I right?!
  • Kyrpis Clearing Serum – The hot, new face oil that is selling out! Face oils are trending right now because of their all natural healing capabilities and this one is no exception. If you get your hands on one and can try it out, let me know! Everything that I’ve read is saying the Clearing Serum is the product to go with.
  • Nicole Richie is the queen of hair color. From blue, to teal and now pink. If you are ever considering coloring your hair an outrageous hue, look no further than to Nicole Richie for inspiration. But make sure you consult with your stylist before doing anything drastic. Trust!
  • Simple Skincare Exfoliating Facial Wipes – I have been a fan of the Simple Skincare line for a few years now. It’s affordable and effective and doesn’t leave my sensitive skin in a red rash like hive. I’m leery of exfoliating anything because it tends to do a number on my face. The wipes are different. They have just the right amount of exfoliating texture to give your face a good, cleaning scrubbing without rubbing it raw. Plus the aloe vera in the wipes helps to soothe and restore your skin. I use these on my non Clarisonic days to make sure my winter skin stays smooth.
  • philosophy purity made simple mask – enjoy 60 seconds of bliss with this deep cleansing mask. It’s not your typical mask that stays on your face to harden and crust over before rinsing. It’s creamy, smooth, and gentle on your skin. On the days when I go all out on my makeup, this is the perfect detox treatment for my skin to make sure I’m getting EVERYTHING off my face.

– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!