Black on Valentine’s Day

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Anthropologie black polka dot lace framed dress and rag and bone harrow booties in nubuck | Valentine's Day Little Black Dress

Anthropologie Black Polka Dot Lace Framed Dress (similar)// Lulu Frost Beach Break Earring // Commando Tights // rag & bone Harrow Boot in nubuck

Every year Valentine’s Day tends to creep up on me. One minute I’m putting away a Christmas tree, the next minute I’m thinking, “oh shit, I have nothing to wear for V-day.” This happens pretty much every year. I keep telling myself I’ll buy a red or pink dress but then BAM! I realize Valentine’s Day is only a week away and I have nothing to wear. No pink, nor red, nor any color that inspires romanticalness. So what do I end up wearing? Black. And not because I hate this holiday – I actually love V-day, I just don’t tend to buy myself winter-appropriate dresses in color. This year I sorta planned ahead, though I still didn’t end up with a sexy new dress – a black dress with red accents will have to do the trick.

I actually bought this dress last year for a Valentine’s Day wedding and have worn it numerous times since. It’s also very fitting for our February ‘How She’d Wear It’ trend with the polka dots but the main draw of this dress is how comfortable it is. It’s warm, long-sleeved, and covers just the right areas so you can eat a delicious Valentine’s Day meal and not worry about it. And as far as romance goes? Well, it has a bit of lace detail so that counts right?

Red lipstick, Lulu Frost Beach Break Earrings close up | Valentine's Day Little Black Dress

My jewelry style is on the lean side. Some like to pile on the bling but I prefer a standout piece. These Lulu Frost earrings were a present to myself back in December and I absolutely love them. Their art deco style speaks to me. A little continuity issue here, I’m wearing my J.Crew hooded coat in this photo which I talked about in my previous style post, but didn’t end up taking any photos of the coat with the dress. I wish I could show you but believe me when I say it’s the perfect length coat for this dress.

Anthropologie polka dot dress sitting | Valentine's Day Little Black Dress

I wanted to wear red lipstick to bring some V-day feeling to my outfit along with my nails. In the past it’s really worked well but for some reason this time around I wasn’t feeling it. I love red lipstick on other people. I think red lips are beautiful and they completely change your look, but I don’t know if it’s right for me. Growing up I loved bright lipstick and I still carry at least five different colors in my purse, but now I’m an eyeliner girl. I feel naked without liner where as before I felt naked without lipstick. Red lips however, I’m still getting used to them. One color I love is NARS Cruella. How do you feel about red lipstick? Do you love Ruby Woo or Russian Red?

Anthropologie polka dot dress and essie red nail polish | Valentine's Day Little Black Dress

A little lace detail on the dress and some Essie red nail polish in Fishnet Stockings. Here it looks bright red but depending on the light it becomes more of a blue-red.

Anthropologie polka dot dress and rag and bone booties | Valentine's Day Little Black Dress

You may remember this little post I wrote back in 2013 when I happened upon these beautiful/gorgeous/dreamy rag & bone Harrow boots on sale. Ooh yes on sale. It was by far my most magical purchase to date. I’m still wearing these beauties whenever I can. And yes, you can wear booties with dresses. Need convincing? See what Who What Wear put together on booties. Enjoy!

Rag and Bone Harrow Booties | Valentine's Day Little Black Dress

  • Jamie
    February 5, 2015

    I LOVE this entire combination – especially the red lips with your hair pulled back. Beautiful!

    • Julia Amodt
      February 5, 2015

      Thank you Jamie! :) I feel like you totally understand my red lip hesitation.

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