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Classic Red Lip | Beauty Basics

Two years ago I created a Red Lips Secrets post which I still abide by to this day. I have removed a few steps for this week’s post because I’m lazy and don’t feel like priming my lips. My concealer, lip liner, and lip stain will all do the trick. Make sure you hydrate your lips though because it can and will go a long way when applying your red lip color. We have all seen or been on the receiving end of a red lip gone bad – chapped, cracked, dry and flaky. Yuck! Find your inner spirit Gwen Stefani goddess with this Classic Red Lip giftorial. The classic lip look that every lady should have in her makeup arsenal.

First let’s prep the lips. Ignore the middle finger below, but it’s the handiest of the fingers when I’m applying concealer to my lips. I prefer Benefit Boi-Ing for this. I have a lot of pigment in my natural lip color and I really like to neutralize that color as much as possible so it doesn’t pull through when I wear a lip color.

Concealer - Classic Red Lip | Beauty Basics

After you have primed your lips it’s time to line. A lip liner is crucial for staying power and to keep your lip color from “bleeding” outside of the lines. Whether you believe it or not there are teeny tiny fine lines around your lips that will allow color to bleed and push out and you’re left with clown lips. Liner holds in the color, kind of like a dam holding back water. Bad analogy I know, but I hope it proves my point. I also like to fill the entire lip with the liner for extra staying power. Here I’ve used Wet N Wild #717 Berry Red.

Line the lips - Classic Red Lip | Beauty Basics

Now it’s time to apply the color. Here I’m using Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain in Strawberry Kissed. It’s my perfect red – just enough blue undertones to make my teeth look whiter. Apply the color all over being careful to not paint outside the lines and really getting into all the corners and blend into the lip line.

Fill in the lips - Classic Red Lip | Beauty Basics

Blot a few times if you’ve applied too much color or finish off with a gloss for a high shine finish. I prefer a more matte look these days so a lip stain does just the trick. Reapply throughout the day as needed, always making sure to re-line your lips before reapplying your lip color.


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– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!