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It’s time for me to get all fan-girly about one of the blogs I’ve been stalking recently, Style by Emily Henderson. And by stalking I mean I might have spent an uncomfortable amount of time going through her archives yesterday. You might know Emily from HGTV’s Design Star or Secrets of a Stylist. Emily is a designer, stylist, and very fun blogger.

Back in the day (ok, late 2011) when I thought I was going to art school, I ended up interviewing at FIDM in LA. Long story short I told them I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life because I hadn’t narrowed down my interests, but one thing I did know, and tell them, was that I wanted to be like Emily Henderson. I have always been interested in interior design/styling but to me it was Emily who set the standard. Basically I am a HUGE fan and since I’ve found her blog I’ve been commenting like crazy. To say I’d like her to design my living space is an understatement. I want her to take me under her wing and teach me everything she knows, though for now getting tips from her blog will have to suffice.

One major thing I love about Emily’s blog is that she writes. A lot. She puts so much detail into her posts and takes the time to respond to critiques and comments. The realness of her posts is also notable – all the crappy iPhone shots of the “befores” are there with the beautifully styled “afters”, she writes about her style mistakes, and overall is quite entertaining. Like I said, I’m a big fan. Today I’ve rounded up my favorite rooms but she does more than just what you see here, she also writes about family, styles parties (from cocktail to baby showers), and even gives tips on what to bring to the flea market.

So if you were thinking, “I can’t handle another interior design blog, I follow too many already!” Well, Style by Emily Henderson is more than that and yes, you can handle it. In fact, go now readers. Enter the beautiful world of Emily Henderson and don’t look back.

1 Credenza 4 Ways: Bold Mid-Century Contemporary photo by Tessa Neustadt | Style by Emily Henderson blog

1 Credenza 4 Ways: Bold Mid-Century Contemporary | Style by Emily Henderson – Never in my life did I think I’d be a fan of a look that involved mid-century contemporary but this shot has got me swooning. To be honest, that amazing 70s glam photo contributes to about 50% or more of my love for this set up. However, I love what Emily did here, she styled this credenza four ways and posted each one, explaining how each piece has its place. If you’re looking to learn a thing or two about styling, she’s your gal.

Old World Meets Modern; The Master Bedroom | Style by Emily Henderson blog

Old World Meets Modern; The Master Bedroom | Style by Emily Henderson – Ooooh look at all those windows! I find this room so welcoming. It’s my favorite of the bedrooms I’ve seen styled by Emily. Old world style, will you be my Valentine? Do yourself a favor and check out the details in this room, specifically that aged steel dresser and antique side tables.

Rustic Spanish California Home - The Living Room | Style by Emily Henderson blog

Rustic Spanish California Home – The Living Room | Style by Emily Henderson – I’m more than a little into this Spanish-influenced California home that Emily styled and greedy readers like me are patiently waiting to see more of it. This living room was the first photo I saw and there’s actually two of these beautiful sofas facing each other in the room (you should check it out), but first look at that epic bookcase.

French Industrial Dining Nook | Style by Emily Henderson blog

French Industrial Dining Nook | Style by Emily Henderson – There isn’t a single thing I dislike about this room. I’m obsessed with those concrete tiles, the geometric arch, the brown upholstered french chairs, that amazing chandelier, and all the paintings. I even love the fig tree. Because who doesn’t love a pop of green in a fairly neutral room like this?

Target Chapter 9: Bohemian Bathroom | Style by Emily Henderson blog

Target Chapter 9: Bohemian Bathroom | Style by Emily Henderson – They probably aren’t the most exciting spaces to style but I love me some nice bathroom setups. From the mismatched shower curtains to the hanging baskets and baskets used as shelves, this bathroom is up on my “want” list. I imagine this bathroom in a gorgeous San Francisco apartment.

Lisa's House The Office Makeover | Style by Emily Henderson blog

Lisa’s House The Office Makeover | Style by Emily Henderson – Look at that dreamy gallery wall. I love that this calm office space is somehow understated despite several big statement pieces. Do you get what I mean? Not too many technological details, just a nice large work space, the gallery wall, and an impressive blue velvet chair.


photos via Style by Emily Henderson // photo credit: 1, 2, & 4 by Tessa Neustadt, 3 by Max Kim Bee, 5 by Target, and 6 by Bethany Nauert


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