Let Me Eat Cake

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Angel Food Cake with Strawberries | Pomelo Blog | Happy 27th Birthday Julia

via Angel Food Cake with Strawberries | Pomelo Blog

Today’s my 27th birthday! I’m taking the day off to celebrate but your regularly scheduled blog posts will return tomorrow. :)

What are my plans for the day? Dan is off today and tomorrow so we’re looking at a two-day celebration with shopping, eating, drinking, and did I mention shopping? Dan and I went to the mall on Sunday afternoon but we forgot that it was Sunday and doh, the mall closes early so we didn’t get a chance to see all we wanted to see. A new pair of jeans, a date-night shirt, and maybe some flats are target items, though I’d honestly like anything cute and new to add to my wardrobe. This Rebecca Minkoff Mab Mini Tote is already on its way (I went for it!) and Dan and I have been eating phenomenally well. If I come across any great finds I’ll be sure to keep you guys in mind and post them to the blog later in the week.

Hope you have a wonderful day! xo