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How is it already the end of February?! I was just reflecting on January’s ‘The Edit’ and how I needed to start brainstorming and pulling together my thoughts for February when BAM! I had a mere two days to get it together. I blinked and February was over.

This is the time of year when I start to get pumped for beauty products. Spring is around the corner, which means color, color, color! New products start to release in abundance, colorful palettes take over, new hairstyles and trends emerge and we feel fresh after this nasty cold winter. I’m already starting to see some fun tutorials and sneak peeks popping up lately so get ready for some fun things in the next few months.

February in terms of beauty was all about “new”. New complexions, new hair, new products, new tips, new tricks, new colors, new ideas, and new tutorials. There is so much I loved this past month that I can’t wait to share it all. Honestly, it was hard to narrow down the pieces in order to fit into this post. I didn’t want to overwhelm and include everything on my list so there was an extensive edit I went through. This is the best of the best from my list to you.

The Edit | Beauty Basics | February Beauty Edit

  • I want a reason to recreate this hair and beauty look from the Tom Ford show. He dubbed it “shaggable” and it clearly is.
  • Dry brushing is a must! Winter has my skin completely crazy and dry brushing saves me, especially my legs. No more alligator skin!
  • I don’t want to get too into the Oscars Red Carpet looks, because I was completely underwhelmed, however there was a huge trend with berry lips at the awards show. Chrissy Teigen looked extra vampy in the dark hue while Margo Robbie went for a brighter version. Recreate some of these lip looks with these lip colors (herehere and here)
  • This article about Jenna Lyons is old. I stumbled upon it again while doing some light reading and knew it had to make the edit. Jenna Lyons is an all around badass, trendy fashionista. Her tips on skincare, makeup and hair is everything that I believe in and more., like these Estée Lauder Stress Relief Eye Masks. And with that I’m practically Jenna Lyons.
  • The one product I don’t post enough of would be nail polishes. I have a love hate relationship with nail polish because I want my nails to look pretty but polish never lasts. Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with Essie, as the Global Color Designer, and has created a floral inspired spring nail color collection. “Flowerista” is something I want on my nails all season long.
  • I have a lot of natural body to my hair. Air-drying is never the solution because I’m just not sure how. There are too many variables involved and I end up looking like a crazy mess. This how-to guide from The Beauty Department shows a quick and easy way to air dry your hair to make it look halfway decent.
  • All this talk about winter and I have yet to touch on hair. How about a homemade hair mask to treat your hair? This how to from The Everygirl is an easy, at home solution to pamper your hair when it needs it the most.
  • Let’s talk about Kim Kardashian’s hair chop! For those that are on the fence about a bob, lob or shorter do, look no further than this inspiration. I was dying for Adam to cut my hair just a bit more to make me look little Kim Kardashian-esque


– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!

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